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n. 苍蝇(fly的复数);舞台上空,吊景区;裤子前面的开口
v. 飞行;时间飞逝;乘飞机;飘动(fly的第三人称单数)
Web explanation
Drawing Flies - 上了瘾,爱
flesh flies - 肉蝇,食肉蝇
Jorge Flies - 豪尔赫·弗利艾斯,弗利艾斯
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这架新式飞机以两倍于音速的速度飞行。
    The new airplane flies at twice the speed of sound.
  • 每个选手控制一个绕太阳飞行的卫星,尽量射击别的太空飞船同时又不要让自己撞到任何东西上。
    Each player controls a satellite that flies around the sun, all the while trying not to collide with anything and trying to shoot at the other space ship.
  • 如果我得了一个像你所说的习惯,像苍蝇一样在天花板上走来走去,那么我想我对这就会听够了。
    If I was to get a habit (as you call it) of walking on the ceiling, like the flies, I should hear enough of it, I daresay.
  • 甚至还有虫卵可以漂浮在空气中或者驮在苍蝇的背上。
    Still others drift in the wind or ride on the backs of flies.
  • 我喜欢飞的。
    I like flies.
  • 蜘蛛网能粘住的只是蚊子和苍蝇,它粘不住雄鹰。
    It is mosquitoes And flies who sticks to spider web, Instead of eagles.
  • 这架新型飞机以两倍于音速的速度飞行。
    The new airplane flies AT twice the speed of sound.
  • 击落那些自大的小苍蝇。
    Shoot down those insolent little flies.
  • 我没有看见其他的苍蝇在你的屋子里,所以我不会独自进来的。
    I did not see other flies in your house, so I will not come in alone.
  • 这架飞机在天空高高的飞行著。
    The plane flies high in the sky.
  • 他用他的耳朵飞。
    He flies with his ears.
  • 但是熊蜂从没听说过什么空气动力学,所以它飞行着尽管重力法则的存在。
    But the bee has never heard of aerodynamics, so it flies in spite of the law of gravity.
  • 想象一个,如果每个人都有这样一个应用,一小时的会议会过得有多快?大家会多么集中精力,疲于应对?。
    Can you imagine how an hour flies by when everyone has one of these in a meeting? How focused and exhausting it would all be?
  • 它比我飞过的或者是我对抗过的所有飞机飞的都要好。
    It flies better than anything I have ever flown or flown against.
  • 我们怎样才能把厨房里地这些苍蝇统统灭掉呢?
    How can we get rid of all these flies in the kitchen?
  • 我怎样才能不让苍蝇叮这些果酱呢?。
    How can I keep the flies off the jam?
  • 不过每个人一靠近我,就想把我吃掉,连蚂蚁、苍蝇也不例外,为什么?
    But anyone, even the ants, the flies -- anyone who comes near me wants to eat me. Why?
  • 他甚至苍蝇与它作为随身行李。
    He even flies with it as carryon luggage.
  • 这种新型飞机以两倍于音速的速度飞行。
    The new airplane flies at twice the speed of sound.
  • 这只不过是入侵者认为,苍蝇,并指示在一条直线到出口。
    This is only intruder that flies, and it directs in a straight line to the exit.
  • 我怎么才能把苍蝇从果酱上赶走?
    How can I keep the flies off this jam?
  • 时光如梭啊!还有什么我能为你做的吗?。
    How time flies! Is there anything I can do for you?