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Bilingual sentences

  • 检查完数量后,过程将尝试从指针中获取下一个订单,但是如果发生了回滚,将会产生一个错误,因为回滚关闭了指针。
    After the quantity check, the procedure tries to fetch next from the cursor, but if the rollback occurred, this causes an error because the rollback closed the cursor.
  • 其次利用取心井的各项分析化验资料结合测井曲线,确定流动单元的划分数量和标志。
    Is it fetch every analysis, sampling well test materials is it log well curve to combine to utilize secondly, confirm and flow the quantity of division and sign of the unit.
  • 取件人每天下午四点左右来取件,除保留EMS底单外,还对每天所取函件的数量进行登记。
    The consignee should fetch the EMS at P. M. 4 each day; I should record the quantity each day and keep the EME original.