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Dictionary explanation
adj. 可怕的;担心的;严重的
Web explanation
fearful - 可怕的,恐惧,骚动
fearful of - 惧怕,恐惧,害怕
Fearful aggression - 恐惧性攻击
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担忧的 / 可怕的 / 极大的 / 极其烦人的
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恐怕, 严重的, 可怕的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 你可以在五分钟内感受到恐惧,但无法在同样短的时间内重塑信心。
    You can get fearful in five minutes, but you won't get confident for some time.
  • 开心或是害怕—你得选择一个。但要记得神在试验你爱心的实在,就是看你在生活中是否慷慨。我们所有的一切都是神给的。
    Cheerful or fearful—you make the decision. But remember God tests the sincerity of your love by how generous you are in life. Everything we have comes from God.
  • 他总是可怕的,并且在他的事业中他努力发现在他的行业之间危险和乐趣的平衡。
    He was always fearful and throughout his career he struggled to find a balance between the perils and pleasures of his profession.
  • 我倒想要是你度过那些可怕的长夜,你会觉得怎么样!
    I wonder how you would like to pass those fearful nights!
  • 他想要做些可怕的事情。
    He felt like doing something fearful.
  • 他们是否会从池中沾染一些可怕的疾病?
    Should they be fearful of getting some sort of illness from the pool?
  • 因为,我担心有了伤害别人的能力,就会引发起那样去做的念头。 自己忍受伤害总比给别人造成伤害要好呀。
    For the power of injuring would, I am fearful, awake the desire of doing so; and it is better to suffer harm, than to inflict it.
  • 你是被可怕的思绪和烦恼纠缠呢,抑或是你来掌控你的思想呢?
    Are you obsessed by fearful thoughts and worries, or do you have control over your thoughts?
  • 我们居住在一个可怕的世界,在这里爱、交谈和团体只是交流的载体,它们真正地实现了一切,而且造就了一个如此需要实现的世界。
    We live in a fearful one, one where love, conversation and community are the only currencies that really accomplish anything, and a world where so much needs to be accomplished.
  • 他们尤其担心的是这些压力会对儿子有什么影响。
    They are especially fearful of how all the stress will affect their son.
  • 我们害怕的东西到底是什么?
    What on earth are we fearful of, then?
  • 它们会使你以消极的方式去看待别人,或者会通过你脑海里无声的声音持续地向你推进一些可怕、无用的想法。
    They can make you view people in a negative way or keep suggesting fearful and useless thoughts through the silent voice in your head.
  • 恐惧是孩子成长过程中平常的一部分,但有些小孩会比其他孩子表现得更恐惧更紧张。
    Fears are a normal part of child development, but some kids are a lot more fearful and anxious than others.
  • 狮子座: 害怕有人在你床边来回晃悠,也担心床头可能伤到你可爱的“鬃毛”。
    Leo is afraid to move around at all, fearful of what bedhead can do to their lovely mane.
  • 当她们感到紧张,不安全,受到威胁,害怕,不适或焦虑时就会用手触摸脖子的这一部位并/或用手护着。
    Women touch their hand to this part of their neck and/or cover it when they feel stressed, insecure, threatened, fearful, uncomfortable, or anxious.
  • 我们倾向于尽快离开这种可怕的孤独处境,再次忙碌起来,是我们看起来更像个“人物“。
    Our tendency is to leave this fearful solitude quickly and get busy again to reassure ourselves that we are “somebodies.
  • 但是记住他们依靠那些太懒或者太害怕以至于不能把工作做好的易受骗的记者,他们也依靠不自己问问题的我们,我们要让他们失望,这一点非常重要。
    But remember that they rely on credulous journalists who are too lazy or fearful to do their jobs properly. They also rely on us not asking questions ourselves. It's important to disappoint them.
  • 另一项研究发现表达愤怒使人有掌控感且乐观,而这些感觉在以可怕的方式回应愤怒的人身上找不到。
    Another study found that expressing angercontributes to a sense of control and optimism that doesn't exist in people who respond in a fearful manner.
  • 当2005年托马斯在她的汽车上发现这个设备时,她从车子的挡泥板下面将它拆下,可她很快担心如果特工怀疑她把设备取下来了,FBI会搜查她的房子。
    When Thomas found the device on her vehicle back in 2005, she ripped it from the underside of her fender, but quickly grew fearful the FBI would raid her house if agents suspected she’d removed it.