fade out

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Dictionary explanation
v. 淡出;渐弱
Web explanation
fade infade out - 六步骤,切入切出
fade fade out - 淡出
target fade-out - 目标退化
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Bilingual sentences

  • 向我们保证永远别让他从你的生命中淡出。
    Promise to never let him fade out of your life.
  • 促让迩淡出�的生活,一个人过。
    Graduingly fade out the E life let you, a person lead.
  • 渐渐让迩淡出涐的生活,一个人过。
    Gradually fade out the Elife let you, a person lead.
  • “前国王有两个选择:要么从公众视线里消失,要么当一个眼中钉,”他说。
    'The choice before the ex-King is either to fade out from the public eye or be a nuisance, ' he said.
  • 第六步: 第一个场景要以“淡入”开头,最后一页用“淡出”结尾。
    Step 6:Begin the very first scene with "FADE IN:" and end the very last page with "FADE OUT."
  • 那些爱永不退色…
    Rose(those) loves never fade out.
  • 噢,先生,它是由一种白金的合金特制而成的,而且光泽永不会褪。
    Well, it's specially made of a platinum alloy, sir, and the luster will never fade out.
  • 指定声音淡出到静音的时间。
    Specifies the time for audio to fade out to silence.
  • 我的建议是,积极的财政政策,以淡出尽快。
    My suggestion is that the proactive fiscal policy to fade out as soon as possible.
  • 是的,他们只会反弹得更远。如果隧道够长,FM的信号会直到你从隧道那一头终点出来时才消失。
    Yep. Of course, they only bounce so far. If the tunnel is long enough, even FM stations fade out until you come out the other end.
  • 因此,我们应坚持适度从紧的平衡财政政策不动摇,在经济形势好转的情况下,积极财政政策要逐步淡出。
    So, China should adhere to balanced fiscal policy of proper tightness. Active fiscal policy should fade out when the country has been in better economic situation.
  • 他们也很容易淡出。
    They also all fade out really easily.
  • 怎样翻译“随着时间的推移,那些曾经深深打动过我们的事物淹没在了记忆里,逐渐淡出了我们的生活。”?
    As time goes by, the things that had touched me deeply, have become sunken memories and fade out from our lives.
  • 今天之后,你会慢慢淡出我的生活。
    After today, you will slowly fade out of my life.
  • 让元素掉下去一样的消失的效果!
    Makes the element drop and fade out at the same time.
  • 安妮斯顿:你知道,如果很快地把它消除,我就不能再开始新的工作。
    Aniston: You know, if I fade out that quickly, I shouldn't be in this business to begin with.
  • 对于平行光阴影的质量和性能,阴影的距离是非常重要的。
    Shadows fade out at the end of shadow distance, and further than that objects are not shadowed.
  • 你可以设置定时器来根据自己需要随时关掉声音,你还可以让它安静地渐渐隐去。
    You can set the timer to turn the audio off after whatever amount of time suits you, and you can make it fade out quietly.
  • 因此,我们应坚持适度从紧的平衡财政政策不动摇,在经济形势好转的情况下,积极财政政策要逐步淡出。
    Based on lots of complicated reasons, China should adhere to balance fiscal policy. Positive fiscal policy should fade out when our country has been in a better economic situation.
  • 拖痕淡出用多长时间。
    How long does the trail take to fade out.
  • 这样蓝色永远不会取到0值,而且文字将永远不会完全消失掉。
    That way blue will never be 0, and the text should never completely fade out .
  • 过来的一切都将离你越来越远,直到淡出人们的视野,而空白将更多,直到商店变成一个惨白的生活。
    All the past will be farther and farther away from you, until fade out of people's vision, and the blank will put more, until the shop into a pale life.