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Bilingual sentences

  • 这是修复饰品从一个城镇的入侵阴谋追求的反复失败漏洞。
    This is to fix the trinket exploit from repeated failure of town invasion plot quest.
  • 生涯辅导不同于就业指导,它以个人生涯发展为着眼点,帮助学生提升自我概念,开发自我潜能。
    The career guidance is different from the employment guidance, because it helps the students to promote the ego concept and exploit the latent ability from the view of personal career development.
  • 除了合理地借用他人之“才”,合理地借用他人之“财”也不失为一种巧妙的成功之道。
    Apart from appropriate exploit of other people' s talents, appropriate using of other people's money is also an art of success.
  • 修正了一个团队卡船运的问题。
    Fixed a possible exploit with shipments from team cards.
  • 该漏洞是由PSP的图片菜单,利用的一个漏洞,发现的TIFF图像库。
    The exploit is run from the PSP's photo menu, taking advantage of a vulnerability found in the TIFF image library.
  • 本着“以人为本”的原则,将带动地方相关企业与当地经济发展为己任,大量采用当地农产品原料,提供近900人的就业机会。
    Influenced by this value, we are dedicated to promote the prosperity of local businesses and economies, exploit resources from local agriculture and create about 900 jobs.
  • 从向日葵身上我们似乎学到了一课:如果杂交后代可以在一个完全不同的小生态位中扎根,它就有可能会成功。
    One lesson from the sunflowers appears to be that hybrids may succeed if they can exploit a different niche from their parents.
  • 中药有效成分的提取,分离及药理作用的研究是开发新药的重要途径。
    It′s important to exploit new medicines that extracted from traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and research the pharmacodynamics.
  • 用来描述数据(RDF)和数据属性(RDF Schema)的方法有一定的标准,这使我们能够开发一组可用的工具来从多个数据源读取并利用数据。
    The existence of standards for describing data (RDF) and data attributes (RDF Schema) enables the development of a set of readily available tools to read and exploit data from multiple sources.
  • 撒迦利亚先生说,他现在正在与许多人致力开发这种装置的商业潜力。
    Mr Zachariah said that he is now working with a number of people to exploit commercial potential from the device.
  • 应当在1~10的范围内衡量危险程度因子,这里1表示利用方式影响很小,10表示可能会造成大规模的不可恢复的损害。
    The criticality factor should be measured on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 indicates very little impact from the exploit and 10 indicates that a huge amount of irrevocable damage could occur.
  • 近年来,新兴体系结构的设计更加依赖于编译技术的支持,指针对代码效率的影响也更加严重。
    As the emerging computer architecture design requires more supports from compilers to exploit the ample hardware resources, the affection of pointer in the object code efficiency is more severe.
  • 除了合理地借用他人之“才”,合理地借用他人之“ 财”也不失为一种巧妙的成功之道。
    Apart from appropriate exploit of other people' s talents, appropriate use of other people's money is also an art of success.
  • 我们还将从测试框架中利用一些库。
    We will also exploit some libraries from our test framework.
  • 但是通用会拥有更少的品牌和经销商,而且对手会更迫切地从进军其退出的那部分市场。
    But GM will have fewer brands and dealers, and rivals will be eager to exploit its withdrawal from parts of the market.
  • 最近被“The Shadow Brokers“公布的思科系统防火墙漏洞证实不仅影响旧版本,还可作用于更高版本。
    Recently released NSA exploit from "The Shadow Brokers" leak that affects older versions of Cisco System firewalls can work against newer models as well.
  • 为了充分利用多源遥感信息,常常需要解决不同传感器图像之间的匹配问题。
    In order to exploit multisource information from remotely sensed data sufficiently, it is often necessary to match dissimilar images one another taken by different sensors.