expansion card

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expansion card - 扩展卡,扩充卡,扩充插件板
Expansion Daughter Card Interface - 于外部扩展子卡的接口
expansion slot card - 扩充槽卡
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扩充卡, 接到主机板允许执行各种操作的卡板 (计算机用语)
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Bilingual sentences

  • 此外,可以使用标准计 算机扩展卡(例如PCI、PCMCIA等)作为接口模块。
    Furthermore, a standard computer expansion card (such as PCI, PCMCIA and alike) may be used as interface module.
  • 参数扩展还包括了一些模式匹配功能,该功能带有在文件名扩展或 globbing 中使用的通配符功能。
    Parameter expansion also includes some pattern matching capabilities with the same wild card capabilities as used in filename expansion or globbing.
  • 蜂窝性能可以用数字蜂窝通信插件扩展卡添加。
    Cellular capabilities can be added later with the digital cellular communicator plug-in expansion card.
  • 所述扩展卡散热装置可进一步给所述扩展卡上的发热元件进行散热,以提高系统整体 的散热效率。
    The heat dissipating device for the expansion card can further dissipate heat of the heating element of the expansion card to improve the heat dissipating efficiency of the whole system.
  • 所有这些内容可以是在其648MB或可选的内部存储空间,存储,用户可以选择保留在外部SD卡(最高至8GB它通过扩展槽)。
    All these contents can be either stored in its internal storage space of 648MB or optionally, users can choose to keep it at external SD card (up to 8GB) through its expansion slot.
  • 另外,由于按压部设于扩展卡座的外侧,因此偏转按压部时在扩展卡座外 侧操作即可,较为方便。
    In addition, as the press part is arranged outside the expansion card seat, when the press part is deviated, the operation is more convenient if performed outside the expansion card seat.
  • 如果你有否加入扩张你的电脑卡,你几乎中途建设自己的制度。
    If you have ever added an expansion card to your computer, you are almost half-way to building your own system.
  • 扩充卡是一种电路板,可让您添加一个新的功能的计算机。
    An expansion card is a circuit board that lets you add a new feature to a computer.
  • 控制柜主要由工控机、触点状态监测卡、输入输出卡(720卡)等组成;
    The controlling-cabinet mainly consists of an industrial control computer, expansion cards of checking contacts, an I/O expansion card (the 720 card) etc.
  • 我们可以把一个内存卡插到一个扩展槽内以扩展内存。
    We can use an add-on memory card by pressing it into an expansion slot to expand the memory.
  • 在常用的数据采集系统中,通常使用插在计算机总线扩展槽上的接口卡,但它无法在笔记本电脑上使用。
    A interface card that usually inserted in bus expansion slot of computer is often used in the data collecting system, but this method cannot be used in a note computer.
  • 它唯一的扩展槽使用了一种简化型的 SD 卡,无疑它非常适合这种非常拥挤的设备。
    Its single expansion slot uses a reduced form factor SD card, which admittedly fits quite nicely in a very crowded case.
  • 因为主板扩展槽或扩展卡有问题,导致插上诸如声卡等扩展卡后主板没有响应而无显示。
    Because the motherboard or expansion card expansion slot problems, leading to plug expansion cards, such as sound cards, such as the motherboard does not respond after the show without.
  • 你可以使用其中的一个SD卡插槽,可移动存储,而使用其他的扩展插槽。
    You could use one of those SD card slots for removable storage, while using the other as an expansion slot.
  • 该扩展卡固定装置的锁固与解锁操作均极为方便,且实现了计算机安装的 “无工具化”。
    The expansion card fixing device has quite convenient locking and unlocking operations, and achieves the assembly of a computer without using a tool.
  • 塔尔加, MP3播放H3100/H2100 ,硬盘的数字音频播放器使用USB2.0 ,彩色液晶显示器,和SD卡扩展。
    Targa, MP3 H3100/H2100 , hard disk based digital audio players with USB2.0, colour LCD, and SD card expansion.
  • 部分专家也对目前疯狂扩张的重卡市场持有谨慎态度。
    Some experts also present the card market expansion crazy holding cautious.
  • 扩大I / O卡提供了第二个进程的投入与发射机电源,再模拟输入和一个模拟输出。
    An expansion I/O card provides a second process input with transmitter PSU, a further analogue input and one analogue output.
  • 找回原来的显示器和显示卡,并将显示卡插在原来的扩展槽上,开机,一切OK!
    Get back the original display and display card, graphics card and plug expansion slot in the original, the boot and all OK!