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adj. 进化了的
vt. 使逐步形成(evolve的过去分词)
Web explanation
evolved - 进化了的,进化,演变
Combat Evolved - 光环最后一战
Highly Evolved - 高度进化,首张专辑,唱片名
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进化 / 逐步发展
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使发展, 使进化, 推论; 进展, 展开, 进化
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Bilingual sentences

  • 她说:“虽然我们无法再次回到过去,以清楚了了解人类为什么,或是如何发展这种数学能力,但是群居斗争也许多多少少有些联系。
    "Although we can never travel back in time to know exactly why or how this arithmetic ability evolved in humans, social battles might have something to do with it, " she said.
  • 我们进化成为善待彼此的人,换句话说,因为我们没有别的选择。
    We evolved to be nice to each other, in other words, because there was no alternative.
  • 我认为这是进化出来的本能。
    I believe that this is an evolved instinct.
  • 梦可能在帮助我们解决疑难问题方面的进化特别有利。这些难题可以分为以上的两个类型,她说
    Dreams might have evolved to be particularly good at allowing us to work out puzzles that fall into those two categories, she said.
  • 然而,我们还不知道,是否或者为神马这种行为可能已经是大多数动物的进化内容之一。
    Yet we don't know whether or why the behavior might have evolved for the majority of animals that engage in it.
  • 其实在我们得到这些实验数据之前,我们就在生物学基础上对“被拒绝”有了一定的了解,这是一种具有特殊职能的进化而来的反应。
    Even before the results come in, there is a lot we can say about the biology of rejection which suggest that it is an evolved response with specific functions.
  • 它们几乎从来没有在电影中出现过,也没有人制作它们的塑料玩具,但那些最庞大的食草恐龙正是从它们进化而来的。
    They almost never show up in the movies or nobody makes plastic toys of them, but they are the stock from which the greatest plant eating dinosaurs evolved.
  • 它们共同演化。
    They evolved together.
  • 我们已经进化成为通达的动物了。
    We have evolved as perspicuous of animals.
  • 那些真菌和细菌和人类都是高度演化的。
    Those fungi and bacteria are as highly evolved as humans.
  • 我们认为,这就是这种动物被困住的地方,在这里它们逐渐演化成如今的品种。
    We think that’s where this animal was trapped and evolved into the species that it is now.
  • 这样的冗余性在生物里是没法想的因为天上没有伟大的工程师,相反他们必然是这个系统进化而来的结果。
    Such redundancy cannot be deliberate in organisms as there is no Great Engineer in the sky; rather, they must be a consequence of how the system evolved.
  • 从那时起我们的发展状况如何呢?
    How have we evolved since then?
  • 在某些情况下,业务对象模型将演化成系统类。
    In some cases, the business object model evolved into system classes.
  • 如果是,它们应该已经进化成为某些机能了。
    If they are, they will have evolved to serve some function.
  • 但是当我们想到那些陌生人,当我们被别人的看法和那些侮辱在别人眼中会怎样削弱自己的想法所缠绕时,我们的思想是不会演化的。
    But our minds are not evolved to think about strangers, and we obsess,needlessly, about what people think of us and how these insults will diminish us in the eyes of others.
  • 答案是我们的动物进化顺序,从树中进化来的灵长类。
    The answer is that our animal order, the primates, evolved in the trees.
  • 生物是由…进化而成的。
    The organism was evolved from …
  • 人类可能不只是从一个地方进化而来,而是在地球上的许多地方进化而来。
    Humans may have evolved not just in a single place but in many places around the world.
  • 但是当页面设计演化到以“宽带”的形式传递信息时,我怀疑我们是否同时也进化到具有快速消化其内容的能力。
    But as page design has evolved to deliver information in a ‘broadband’ format, I wonder whether we have evolved as quickly as the content we consume.