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Dictionary explanation
vt. 使……蒸发;使……脱水;使……消失
vi. 蒸发,挥发;消失,失踪
Web explanation
evaporate - 蒸发,使蒸发,消失
flash evaporate - 闪发蒸发
Evaporate State - 蒸发过强型
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蒸发 / 消失
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使蒸发; 蒸发, 消失, 失去水分
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Bilingual sentences

  • 金钱的问题会在眨眼间消失,并且,你永远都是富足的。
    That money problems can evaporate in the blink of an eye, and that you are eternally abundant.
  • 当汗液和空气接触之后,就会蒸发。
    When the sweat hits the air, the air makes it evaporate.
  • 会非常快的蒸发掉。
    Which will evaporate very quickly.
  • 湿气被吸到织物表面从而蒸发。
    Moisture is drawn to the surface of the fabric so that it evaporates
  • 水在阳光照射下蒸发了。
    The water is evaporated by the sun.
  • 你要是把水加热,水会蒸发的
    "If you heat the water, it will evaporate."
  • 大量潮湿在雨水到达植物根部之前就蒸发了。
    A lot of the wetness will evaporate before the rain reaches the plant's roots.
  • 如果经济和市场再次萧条,投资者对于购买新股的胃口将大幅减小。
    If markets or the economy slump again, investors'appetite for new shares will evaporate.
  • 你的梦想似乎总是逐渐破灭,从来没有什么事情能完全符合你的预期。
    Your dreams always seem to evaporate, and nothing ever quite matches expectations
  • 向它喷射冷空气可以使水蒸发。
    Blasting cold air over it makes the water evaporate
  • 海水被蒸发后,盐的结晶体就沉淀下来了。
    When seawater is allowed to evaporate, salt crystals are deposited.
  • 那个项目逐渐叫停,哈里陷入了困境。
    The project evaporated and Harry was left high and dry.
  • 汤姆的躯体仍在那&我已希望着它消失。
    The body was still there& I had been expecting it to evaporate.
  • 我的怒气渐渐消失,想大哭一场。
    My anger evaporated and I wanted to cry
  • 你确定它在明天早晨之前会蒸发?
    Are you sure it will evaporate by morning?
  • 但是红利很可能可快就会蒸发。
    But the bonus may soon evaporate.