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n. 侵蚀,腐蚀
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erosion - 腐蚀,侵蚀,糜烂
Wind erosion - 风蚀,风力侵蚀,风蚀作用
cavitation erosion - 气蚀,空隙腐蚀,空蚀
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侵蚀 / 风化 / 腐蚀 / 削弱
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腐蚀, 侵蚀, 冲蚀
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Bilingual sentences

  • 传统知识体系的腐蚀或丧失将会被所有人感觉到。
    Any erosion or loss of traditional knowledge systems will be felt by all.
  • 他们忽视了山体被火山灰腐蚀的迹象!
    They ignored the erosion of the mountain by the volcanic ash!
  • 然而随着大海继续着它的腐蚀和毁坏,奇怪的是我是如何能忘却大海的呢。
    Yet as all this work of erosion and destruction goes on, it’s strange how I also forget the sea.
  • 农民不断增加租用可耕地面积,这也意味着他们对耕种土地的侵蚀风险并不熟悉,或者从长远打算来看,并不想在保护土地方面投入太多。
    Farmers increasingly rent the land they cultivate, which can mean they are less familiar with areas at risk for erosion or are less invested in caring for the land over the long run.
  • 海水上涨的影响可能从水侵蚀延伸到永久性的海水泛滥,造成破坏的严重性很大程度上取决于城市坐落的地方,维斯星期三在电话里说。
    The effects of higher seas can range from erosion to permanent inundation, and the severity of the damage depends in great measure on where the cities are, Weiss said by telephone on Wednesday.
  • 波浪式的侵蚀将以前的矮圆丘夷成平地。
    Former low domes were planated by wave erosion.
  • 经过多年的侵蚀,水泥石化了。
    The cement petrified after many years' erosion.
  • 然而,其他人指出泥沙量的减少将可能导致对下游河岸与湄公河三角洲的侵蚀。
    Others, however, point out that decreased sediment loads will likely lead to erosion of downstream riverbanks and the Mekong Delta.
  • 环境科学家需要 GIS 软件来模拟沿海区域和山谷的侵蚀。
    Environmental scientists need GIS software to model erosion in coastal areas and mountain valleys.
  • 针对海水侵蚀陆地现象,当地居民和地方议会之间的小冲突已经在沿海岸地区时有发生。
    Skirmishes between residents and local councils are already erupting up and down the coast over erosion by the sea.
  • 森林砍伐还能改变土壤动态,增加土壤侵蚀,这两者都能把更多的碳释放到大气中。
    Deforestation can also change soil dynamics and increase erosion, both of which can release more carbon into the atmosphere.
  • 因为你喜欢野外活动,也许你能找到办法解决土壤侵蚀问题,那样就可以防止世界上主要河流侵蚀其河岸的问题了。
    Since you like the outdoors, maybe you’ll find a solution for soil erosion that will prevent the great rivers of the world from eroding their banks.
  • 对于形成的原因,一开始认为是陨星的撞击造成的,但现在地质学家认为是地壳隆起和腐蚀的结果。
    The formation was originally thought to be caused by a meteorite impact but now geologists believe it is a product of uplift and erosion.
  • 我们享受家具的美丽与舒适,但我们从来就不愿去想一想由于采伐树林而引起的严重的土壤侵蚀问题。
    We enjoy the comfort and beauty of our furniture, yet we never bother to think about the serious soil erosion caused by deforestation.
  • 可是如果不能使海平面上升减速,或是水灾和沿海湿地遭破坏的危险变大,海平面的上升就会增加对沿岸的侵蚀和土壤的盐化。
    Without this, as well as increases in the risk of flooding and in the destruction of coastal wetlands, sea-level rise could also increase coastal erosion and salinisation of soil.
  • 虽然后来的潮汐和表面的融化与侵蚀可能加宽并扩大了这个河道,但是其中一些属性似乎在这个冰山上表现的很明显。
    Some of these properties appear to be evident in this iceberg, though the channel may have since been widened and enlarged by the subsequent tidal and surface melting and erosion.