enterprise culture

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Enterprise Culture - 企业文化,医院文化,企业文明
enterprise brand culture - 企业品牌文化
enterprise security culture - 企业太平文明,企业安全文化
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Bilingual sentences

  • 企业文化作为一种亚文化,受到传统文化的深远影响。
    As a kind of subculture, Enterprise Culture is also influenced by Chinese Traditional Culture.
  • 对于文员岗位来说,我首先要做好本职工作,另外我同样看重职位的发展前景,以及公司的企业文化。
    For assistant position, I must first completes the labor of duty, and I also value development prospect of the job, as well as the company is enterprise culture.
  • 团队精神,是企业文化的核心。
    Team spirit is the core of enterprise culture.
  • 企业文化是企业与生俱有,不断发展变化,指导与约束企业整体以及员工行为的价值理念。
    The enterprise culture is innate and change continually, it is the value concept to instruct and restraint the whole enterprise.
  • 培育一个安全和可靠的企业文化。
    Foster an enterprise culture of safety and security.
  • 培训是员工技能和水平的提高,是企业文化和团队精神的一种培植。
    Training is to raise the level of staff skills and is a kind of cultivating enterprise culture and team spirit.
  • 企业文化是企业物质文化、精神文化与制度文化的总和。
    Enterprise culture integrates enterprise matter culture, enterprise spirits culture and enterprise institutions culture.
  • 有人说:好的企业文化能催人上进,使员工在一个充满人性关怀的环境中愉快的生存、成长。
    Somebody says: good enterprise culture can inspire people, can make the employee living and growing in a environment which full of humanistic care.
  • 未来企业之间的竞争将是企业文化的竞争,企业文化才是企业的核心竞争力。
    The future competition between enterprises will be the competition of their culture, enterprise culture is the core competitive power.
  • 在有限的场地、时间内,清晰展示企业文化理念,无疑最具冲击力。
    In the venue, time, clearly show the enterprise culture idea, is the most impact.
  • 企业文化是管理理论发展的新阶段,良好的企业文化是企业发展的助推器。
    Enterprise culture is a new stage of management theory. Good culture is a promotion to the development of enterprise.
  • 已有的研究表明,技术、知识、资源、组织和企业文化等都在不同程度上影响着企业的核心能力。
    According to those foregoing researches, the technology, intelligence, resources, organization, and enterprise culture all can affect the enterprise's core competence in some content.
  • 要将企业文化转变为鼓励和包容创新思想和个人自给自足的文化,CIO 扮演着重要和富有挑战性的角色。
    CIOs have an important and challenging role to change the enterprise culture to one that encourages and embraces innovative thinking and individual self sufficiency.
  • 企业文化的本质是人本管理理论,是一种经济文化。
    The essential of enterprise culture is humanism management theory and economical culture as well.
  • 国际中只要为全球500强企业,那么都有自己的企业文化!企业的文化决定着企业是否有一个好的发展前景!
    As for the international of global top 500 enterprises, so has his own enterprise culture! Enterprise culture determines whether the enterprise is a good development prospect!
  • 但是如果企业文化吸引他们,他们愿意接受这份工作。
    But if the enterprise culture attracts them, they are willing to accept this job.
  • 企业通过品牌营运可实现营销理念和企业文化的升华,而同时企业结构形式也发生了变化;
    Then it points out brand operation promises to update marketing concept and enterprise culture, bringing about changes in line-up of enterprise.
  • 以企业文化建设为统领地位的企业管理模式,成为了后续企业管理领域不可逆转的发展趋势。
    The management model that the enterprise culture construction stands at top position has became the development trend for the future enterprise management field.
  • 过去几年企业相对重视企业文化的打造,许多企业已经形成了自己的风格个性,确立了独到的文化定位。
    Relative importance to the building of enterprise culture in past years, many enterprises have developed their own style and personality, established a unique cultural position.
  • 通过培育企业文化可以进一步巩固和强化企业的经营管理,帮助企业实现持续发展和永续经营。
    It can further consolidate and strengthen the enterprise management and help the enterprises to achieve sustainable development and management by cultivating the enterprise culture.
  • 一个企业如果没有优秀的企业文化,同样不能自强于市场竞争之中。
    If an enterprise does not have the outstanding enterprise culture, similarly cannot strive to improve during the market competition.
  • 在一个风和日丽的一天,老师带我们到邻近的巴克礼公园聆听从「台南企业文化艺术基金会」来的志工阿姨的解说。
    In one glorious day, our teacher leaded us to Barclay Memorial Park and listen to the volunteered guide that come from "Tainan Enterprise Culture and Arts Foundation".
  • 良好的写作与策划能力,对企业文化建设有独到见解和实战技能。
    High writing and design-planning ability. Peculiar review on and practical skills in enterprise culture construction.
  • 过去的理论多是强调制度的重要性,忽视企业文化的基础作用。
    In the past, theory emphasized more about the importance of the system while enterprise culture foundation was neglected.
  • 从家文化和现代企业文化的融合过程出发,将家族企业的发展分为四个阶段。
    The development of family enterprises is divided into four stages according to the blending of family culture and modem enterprise culture.
  • 第一个层面主要从理论上总结了目前企业文化研究最新成果和发展动态,及其对企业文化建设管理实践的指导作用。
    Firstly, the author, in theory, generalizes the latest research achievements of enterprise culture, the development of dynamic state and the guide role of the management practice of its construction.