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adv. 积极地;精力充沛地
Web explanation
energetically - 尽力,竭力,大力
insist energetically - 充满活力地坚持
fetch energetically - 充满活力地取来
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Bilingual sentences

  • 越多,你做积极准备为我们的到来,更多的是我们可以为您准备。
    The more that you do to prepare energetically for our arrival, the more that we can be in preparation for you.
  • 想象一下,在一个房间里有四个沮丧的人和三个愤怒的人,而房间本身也很多年都没有得到过能量清理而保存着各类坏情绪!
    Imagine being in a room where there are four depressed people, three angry people and the room itself has not been energetically cleared from all the emotional yuck for years!
  • 结论应积极发扬客家传统文化和吃苦耐劳的精神。
    Conclusions Provoking energetically the traditional cultural spirit of Hakkas should be done.
  • 积极扩大进口,重点增加先进技术装备、重要原材料和关键零部件及元器件的进口。
    We will energetically increase imports, with the focus on advanced technology and equipment, important raw materials, and key spare parts and components.
  • 人们可以将身体运动静止,通过坐下,跟随着呼吸或者其他,人们可以将身体置入,持续积极的动作中,通过行走,跑步或攀登,游泳。
    One can still the body's locomotion's by sitting and following the breath or else one can put it into energetically sustained movement by walking or running or climbing or swimming.
  • 感谢家人和朋友对我的大力支持,我爱你们,我爱我的家乡!
    Thank family and friend to support mine energetically , I love you, I love my native place!
  • 但我们现在试着透过能量来传达给你为什么这是重要的。
    But we are trying to relay to you now energetically why this has been important.
  • 积极扩大居民消费需求。
    We will energetically expand consumer demand.
  • 当糖和脂肪氧化的关系改变了,就使得肌肉利用了更多的脂肪和更少的糖来作为能量来源,这就是能量效率降低了。
    When the relation between glucose and fat oxidation shifts so that the muscles use more fat and less glucose as a source of energy, this is energetically less efficient.
  • 公司积极开拓工业制造领域市场,积极拓展外埠市场。
    The company energetically opens up industrial manufacture market and pioneers overseas market.
  • 如果你发动战争,就要考虑它的积极性与严重性。
    If you wage war, do it energetically and with severity.
  • 事实表明,参与有规律的锻炼会使人身体健康,精力充沛地完成各项工作和任务。
    Actual data shows that participating in regular exercises would make people healthier, and can accomplish various tasks more energetically.
  • 我们将继续积极参与经济全球化的进程,推动建设公正合理的国际贸易体系和金融体制。
    We will continue to energetically participate in economic globalization, working hard to promote the establishment of equitable and jusinternational trade system and financial institution.
  • 如果你留在原处不动,还像以前那样,你也同样会感觉内在的改变,会感到精力充沛。 是的,一个轻盈的存有,一个难以至信的轻盈存有。
    So if you are staying put, as it were, you will still feel a shift inside of you, energetically, and yes, a lightness of being, an incredible lightness of being.
  • 他们说,塔塔·曼德尔森勋爵作为商业秘书已经在东北部扎根,比他以往为附近的哈特尔浦做工党议员时更加积极。
    Lord Mandelson, they say, has been rooting for the north-east more energetically as business secretary than he ever did as Labour MP for nearby Hartlepool.
  • 他们开始大力发展生产。
    They began to advance production energetically.
  • 在这种形式的格斗中,具体用了什么技术并不太重要,只要它是快速、有力地施展出来的。
    In this type of fighting it does not matter much what is done so long as it is done fast and energetically.
  • 这主要是因为你积极的看法,想法,认为其他有显着的你。
    This is largely because you energetically perceive the thoughts that the significant other has of you.
  • 但是,你必须要让我相信,用积极的态度生活下去。
    But, you must make me believe: you are in energetically life.