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Dictionary explanation
n. 敌人,仇敌;敌军
adj. 敌人的,敌方的
Web explanation
Enemy - 敌人,敌人,仇敌
Favoured Enemy - 天敌
Enemy Front - 敌军前线,深入敌阵,敌方前线
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敌人 / 危害物
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敌人; 敌军; 仇敌
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Bilingual sentences

  • 对敌人我们不会同情,不会宽恕,也不会发慈悲。
    We will not pity nor spare, nor have mercy to the enemy.
  • 我们必须在一个月之内把敌人拖垮。
    We must wear the enemy out in a month.
  • 侦察兵渗透到敌人阵地后面去了。
    The scouts infiltrated into the enemy positions.
  • 敌人已在我军逼近时逃窜了。
    The enemy ran away at our approach.
  • 我们必须在三条战线上同时和敌人战斗。
    We had to fight the enemy on three fronts at once.
  • 我们联合起来反对共同的敌人。
    We band ourselves against a common enemy.
  • 飞机轰炸了敌军舰。
    Aircraft bombarded the enemy warship.
  • 面对我们的进攻,敌人畏缩了。
    The enemy weakened in face of our attacks.
  • 我们向敌人连续射击。
    We blazed away at the enemy.
  • 我们迫使进攻的敌人后退了。
    We drove back the attacking enemy.
  • 他们把他们的敌人打败了。
    They bowled over their enemy.
  • 敌人包围了那个城市。
    The enemy invested the city.
  • 我们同朋友联合起来对付共同敌人。
    We allied ourselves with our friends against the common enemy.
  • 他们坚持不屈抗击敌人达六个月之久。
    They held out against enemy for six months.
  • 那一年一个又一个的县城沦入敌人手中。
    In that year county after county fell to the enemy.
  • 他们来回转向以避开敌人的炮火。
    They were tacking about to avoid the enemy guns.
  • 上周我们向敌人重新发动了一次进攻。
    We reopened an attack against our enemy last week.
  • 战士们打退了敌人的所有进攻。
    The soldiers beat off all the enemy attacks.
  • 我们冲破了敌人的防御工事。
    We burst through the enemy defences.
  • 他们在那次战斗中打败敌人。
    They defeated the enemy in the battle.
  • 我们必须与敌人作战。
    We must fight the enemy.
  • 敌人一出现, 我们就发起了攻击。
    At the appearance of the enemy, we attacked.
  • 他们用炮火击退了敌人。
    They threw the enemy back with gunfire.
  • 我们攻击我们的敌人。
    We began upon our enemy.
  • 他用计谋使敌人离开他们的阵地。
    He manoeuvred the enemy out of their position.
  • 我们在半夜里偷袭敌人。
    We stole on the enemy at midnight.