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Dictionary explanation
n. 鼓励
Web explanation
encouragement - 鼓励,激励,奖励
encouragement system - 激励机制,激励制度,奖励体系
moral encouragement - 精神鼓励,道德激励,精神激励
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鼓励 / 怂恿
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鼓励; 奖励
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Bilingual sentences

  • 谢谢您的鼓励和支持!
    Thank you for your encouragement!
  • 给予别人赞扬和鼓励。
    Give compliments and encouragement.
  • 看到他如此活跃真是一件令人鼓舞的事情。
    Seeing him so active was a great encouragement.
  • 那个男人正温柔地轻声鼓励他的妻子。
    The man was crooning soft words of encouragement to his wife.
  • 你的鼓励让我恢复了自信心。
    I have restored my confidence because of your encouragement.
  • 我拥有很多人的爱和鼓励。
    I had good roots of love and encouragement.
  • 我还有些朋友给了我很多鼓励。
    I also had friends who gave me a great deal of encouragement
  • 货币贬值时,就无法鼓励人们储蓄。
    When money falls in value, there is no encouragement to save.
  • 谢谢你的建议和鼓励。
    Thanks for your advice and encouragement.
  • 谢谢你们一直对我的鼓励与支持!
    Thank you, you have my encouragement and support!
  • 我们都深深感谢你的帮助和鼓励。
    We are all profoundly grateful for your help and encouragement.
  • 我与他们分享他们的悲伤和幸福和享受他们提供我的同情和鼓励。
    I share with them their sadness and happiness and enjoy the sympathy and encouragement they offer me.
  • 你的鼓励会激发我进一步努力。
    Your encouragement will stimulate me to further efforts.
  • 他最需要的是鼓励和支持。
    What he most needs is encouragement and support.
  • 他给予学生莫大的鼓励,尤其是当他们与自己志趣相投时。
    He gave great encouragement to his students, especially if their passions happened to coincide with his own.
  • 这是对我们的鞭策。
    This is an encouragement [ impetus] to us.
  • 在一位朋友的鼓励下,克理斯换了工作。
    The encouragement of a friend spurred Chris into switching jobs.
  • 对创新要有激励和鼓励。
    There has to be incentive and encouragement for innovation.
  • 小男孩受到的鼓励会增强他们的自信心。
    The encouragement that young boys receive builds a greater self-confidence
  • 他鼓励了我。
    He gave encouragement to me.
  • 在他的鼓励下,我做到了。
    Under his encouragement, I can do it.
  • 赞美和鼓励是不同的。
    There's a difference between praise and encouragement.
  • 真的是因为他们和他们的鼓励。
    Really because of them and their encouragement.