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Dictionary explanation
n. 出现,浮现;发生;露头
Web explanation
Emergence - 突现,突现,导入期
emergence angle - 出射角,出角
propeller emergence - 螺旋桨出水,推进器露出水面
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出现 / 形成
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出现; 露头; 浮现
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这种厨的出现与汉代的“几案”不无联系。
    The emergence of this kitchen and the Han dynasty's "ji an" not without contact.
  • 新想法的出现鼓舞了我们。
    The emergence of the new idea encouraged us.
  • 应用处理器的出现源自手机应用的不断创新和发展。
    Emergence of application processor is the outcome of ceaseless innovation and development of mobile phone applications.
  • 因特网的出现在循证医学的发展和传播过程中起到了重要的作用。
    The emergence of Internet development and diffusion evidence-base medicine has played an important role.
  • 在人类生存与发展的过程中,突发性灾害的发生是不可避免的。
    In the course of mankind's survival and development, the emergence of the unexpected calamity is unavoidable.
  • 毋庸置疑,产业集群的发展促进了区域品牌的产生和发展。
    There is no doubt that the development of the industrial clusters promote the emergence of regional branding and development.
  • 信息隐藏技术的出现和发展,为信息安全的研究和应用拓展了一个新的领域。
    The emergence and development of the information hiding technology, have exploited a new field for the research and application of the information security.
  • 语言是随着社会的产生而产生,随着社会的发展而发展的。
    Language emerges and develops with the emergence and development of society.