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n. 英语字母中的第五个字母
Web explanation
e - E (数学常数),鄂姓,鄂国
维他命E - vitamin,VE,Tocopheryl Acetate
FORM E - 原产地证书,东盟产地证,优惠原产地证明书
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Bilingual sentences

  • 如果说有一件事是大多数电子阅读器爱好者们想从新一代装置中看到的,那就是色彩。
    If there’s one thing that most e-reader enthusiasts want from the next generation of devices, it is color.
  • 这年头谁还只有一个电子邮箱地址呢?
    Who has only one e-mail address these days?
  • 在此例中,一个地址始终接收构建状态电子邮件,另一个电子邮件地址将仅接收有关失败情况的电子邮件。
    In this example, one address will always receive e-mails of the build status, and another e-mail address will only receive e-mails of failures.
  • 直线AB 与 CD 相交于 E。
    The line AB intersects the line CD at E.
  • 您可以发现顾客登录到站点上购买了维生素 E,但过去没有购买过铁质,那么可以显示铁质的优惠券,因为它是与维生素 E 最有关联的。
    You can then detect that a customer logging in to the site has bought Vitamin E, but not iron the past, and display a coupon for iron because that is the strongest association.
  • 所以,您得到的电子阅读器最终版本虽然不错,但还有改进的空间。
    So what ends up in your e-Reader is good but not as good as it might be.
  • 在将业务项从一个任务发送至另一个任务后,将无法更改它的类型,也就是说,输出、输入以及它们之间的连接始终与相同的业务项关联。
    The type of business item cannot change when it is sent from one task to another, i.e., the output, the input, and the connection between them always have the same business item attached.
  • 但电子邮件通知在缺省状态下却是禁用的,因为这似乎需要定制。
    But the e-mail notification should be off by default because it likely requires customization.
  • 如果您有更好的想法,请给我发电子邮件,我将在下一篇专栏文章中报告它。
    If you have a better idea, please e-mail me and I will report about it in the next column.
  • 这当中也有可能存在风险,因为维生素E降低了血液凝结的趋势,并可能由于小跌撞而生成难看的瘀伤。
    There are possible risks as well, since vitamin E diminishes the clotting tendency of blood and may result in ugly bruises from small bumps.
  • 分享一些或所有的系统使用的资源(例如:并发性)
    Shares some or all of the resources used by the system (i.e., concurrency).
  • 要完成这项任务,其中一种方法是使用脚本,该脚本可以像任何其他的客户端那样访问邮箱,然后根据脚本中嵌入的某些规则,组织和过滤您的电子邮件。
    One way to do this is to use a script that accesses the mailbox just like any other client, and then organizes and filters your e-mail based on some rules built into the script.
  • 这时演奏者必须由E调转到G调。
    At this point the players have to modulate from E to G.
  • 所以,我们不只在寻找能量E的中子,从这个光谱中。
    So we're looking only for the neutrons at energy E from this spectrum.
  • 大象不像我们这样荒唐,它们只害怕它们真正害怕的(比如未知的东西)。
    Elephants are not as irrational as we are. They fear only what they should indeed fear (i.e. the unknown).
  • 音乐在这儿从E调转到G调。
    Here the music modulates from E to G.
  • 道格拉斯: 哈维告诉我说你们希望这次会面能够简单一些,所以如果你们愿意的话我想先带各位参观一下这个地方,然后我们可以一起出去吃点东西。
    Douglas: Now, Harvey informs me that you want to keep this meeting low- key. So, I could show you around the place if you like and then e could go out and have something to eat.
  • 最后,我们把用户响应写入缓冲区,也就是说,把它传递到我们的驱动程序。
    Finally, we write the user response to the buffer, i.e., pass it to our driver.
  • AB和CD两线相交于E点。
    Line AB intersects line CD at E.
  • 电子邮件通知:您可以收到关于作业完成的电子邮件通知。
    E-mail notification: You can receive e-mail notification of the completion of jobs.
  • 段 E - 在默认情况下,这个段是不用的。
    Segment E - By default, this segment is not used.
  • 最有可能的情况是,您将通过因特网或电子邮件与潜在伙伴通信。
    Most likely you will be communicating with potential partners via the Internet or through e-mail.
  • 如果您和这名用户具有相同的兴趣,那么单击 邀请至我的网络,这名用户将收到一封电子邮件,邀请他或她加入到您的联系人圈子中。
    If you and the person share common interests, click Invite to my network, and that person will receive an e-mail inviting him or her to be one of your network contacts.
  • 这种方法的问题在于,某些用户将这种分析活动视为一种侵入,而其他用户则认为他们有权利决定如何组织和归档他们的电子邮件。
    The problem with this approach is that some users see such examination as an intrusion, and others feel that how they organize and archive their e-mail is up to them.
  • 您可以将文件、声音和图像像附加到电子邮件一样附加到消息。
    You can attach files, sounds, and images to messages like you can with e-mails.