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prep. 在…...的期间;在......期间的某个时候
n. (During) (美、瑞、英)迪兰(人名)
Web explanation
during - 在,在期间,在…期间
during day - 在白天
during probation - 试用期间,翻译
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他在8月和9月买进了两批这家公司的股票,每次1,000股。
    He bought two lots of 1,000 shares in the company during August and September
  • 他在一次锻炼中扭伤了背部。
    He strained his back during a practice session.
  • 收获期间下雨了。
    It rained during the harvest.
  • 冰箱里的食物在停电期间化开了。
    The food in the freezer had thawed during a power cut.
  • 在和朋友争吵的时候,她掏出了刀。
    She produced the knife during arguments with her friends.
  • 天气恶劣时要留意照看好植物。
    Plants need to be looked after and protected during bad weather.
  • 据信进攻是在清晨时发起的。
    The attack is believed to have been carried out during the early morning hours
  • 尽管诺曼底的这个区域在战争中遭受了狂轰滥炸,但之后它已经被彻底重建了。
    Although this part of Normandy was badly bombed during the war it has been completely reconstructed.
  • 在前寒武纪的最后1亿年中,两个主要的冰川时期对两个地区都产生了影响。
    Two main glacial epochs affected both areas during the last 100 million years of Precambrian times.
  • 地震时整个房子都摇动了。
    The whole house shook during the earthquake.
  • 在排练过程中舞台上垫高的一个平台塌了。
    An elevated platform on the stage collapsed during rehearsals.
  • 我和两个朋友在大学春假期间开车去了佛罗里达。
    Two friends and I drove to Florida during college spring break
  • 上周例行维修的时候换了窗户。
    The window had been replaced last week during routine maintenance.
  • 他家在战争期间受尽了苦难。
    His family suffered all kinds of hardships during the war.
  • 在访问期间,教皇还将为新医院祈福。
    During his visit, the Pope will also bless the new hospital.
  • 他在超级杯决赛中踩踏裁判的脚后,于上周收到了书面的禁赛通知。
    He received the original ban last week after stamping on the referee's foot during the supercup final.
  • 吃晚饭时疑惑消除了:原来他们把我当成肯尼了。
    During dinner the confusion was cleared up: they had mistaken me for Kenny.
  • 他害了一场大病,体重掉了十多斤。
    During his serious illness he lost over ten jin.
  • 他提出了一个在这次运动中很少被提及的话题。
    He brought up a subject rarely raised during the course of this campaign
  • 会谈中,两位总统讨论了两国间货物运输的问题。
    During their talks, the two presidents discussed the transit of goods between the two countries.