draw down

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draw down - 从涂层取样,引来,减少
draw-down age - 可提取最低存款的年龄
permissible draw-down - 容许降落水位
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拉下 / 招来 / 提取
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Bilingual sentences

  • 您可放下遮阳板,关掉阅读灯,系好安全带,这样您能好好休息一下。
    You could draw down the window-shade and turn the reading light off and fasten your seat-belt so that you can take a good nap.
  • 我们的市场份额为什么突然大幅下降?
    Why does your market percentage suddenly draw down?
  • 在那个国家,生病住院是工人仍可能取全席。
    In that country, workers who are ill and in hospital can still draw down their full pay.
  • 他们似乎要使我们受到嘲笑。
    They seem to draw down ridicule on us.
  • 好的词、句、段可以在书上圈圈画画或者摘抄下来。
    A good word, sentence, paragraph could be in the book excerpt on the circle, or draw down.
  • 待样板完全干燥。
    Let the draw down totally dry.
  • 哎,这就是我的运气吗。
    Well, didn't I just draw down on my luck.
  • 目的:运用时辰药理学为制定最佳给药时间和合理给药方案提供参考。
    Objective: Chronopharmacology was used to draw down the best time for the medicine application.
  • 只要公司提升的产品低于试产需求,他们就能减少库存,同时为经济增长最贡献。
    As long as companies raise production less than demand they can continue to draw down inventories while contributing to growth.
  • 所有这一切都意味着,如果你有“钱在银行”或您的信用额度准备提取的房地产市场将提供机会,没有看到在过去十年。
    All this means that if you have "money in the bank" or your line of credit ready to draw down on, the property markets will provide opportunities not seen in the last decade.
  • 相反的,银行开始尽力说服公司的财务主管不到万不得已不要取消信用额度。
    In turn, banks are doing what they can to persuade corporate treasurers not to draw down credit facilities unless they have to.
  • 人不能过得太舒服,太舒服就会出问题。
    A man's life is not too comfortable to draw down the problems.
  • 时至今日,所谓的“艺术盛世”,一种艺术形式的出现会引来众多“山寨”版。
    Nowadays, in this so called art heyday, the emergence of one artistic form will draw down numerous cheap copies.