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Dictionary explanation
vt. 驱散,驱逐;消除(烦恼等)
Web explanation
dispel - 驱散,消除,吹散
Mass Dispel - 移除所有生物所有咒语,群体驱散,群体驱散(炉石传说卡牌)
Dispel Splash - 纯净丽颜拒绝色斑
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驱散 / 消除
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驱散; 使消散; 驱逐
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Bilingual sentences

  • 最重要的是,我们必须消除关于水战争的神话。
    Most importantly, we must dispel the myth of water wars.
  • 我想,如果是我造成了这不愉快气氛,那我就有义务去尝试着驱散它。
    I thought, if I had caused the cloud, it was my duty to make an effort to dispel it.
  • 我们当真感到相当羞愧,对提到的那些聪明的学生也不怀好感,但是这些也无助于驱散缠绕在那本黑色读本上的阴暗。
    We felt duly ashamed, and also not well-disposed towards that other pupil, but this did not help to dispel the darkness which clung to that black volume.
  • 这篇文章旨在驱散这些幻觉,鼓励人们去面对残酷的现实。
    This post aims to dispel these illusions and encourage people to face the harsh reality.
  • 这样的心理想象练习可以驱逐恐惧,最终消除噩梦。
    This mental imagery rehearsal by exorcising the fear and finally dispel the nightmare.
  • 我们希望今天为你甄选的这些图片能够驱散这种不实之论。
    We hope the images, we picked up for you today, will dispel this myth.
  • 也许我们也可以按照这一形式展开下面的谈话,从而您可以快速地驱散这些谎言。
    And maybe we can take those as a list and you can kind of quickly dispel them if you want to.
  • 如果那是你们想要驱散的恐惧,这恐惧是根植在你们的心里,而非恐惧对象的手中。
    And if it is a fear you would dispel, the seat of that fear is in your heart and not in the hand of the feared.
  • 这一简单的试验会消除你可能存有的一切疑虑。
    This brief experiment would dispel any further doubts you might have.
  • 不过,为了消除这种看法,实际上举证责任仍落在了职场“老”人身上。
    But the fact remains that the onus falls on the older worker to dispel this belief.