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n. 解雇;免职
Web explanation
Dismissal - 出局 (板球),开除,解雇
dismissal reason - 解雇理由,辞退理由,解雇原因
wrongful dismissal - 非法解雇,不当解雇,不公允的解雇
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免职, 驳回诉讼, 解雇
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Bilingual sentences

  • 大多数公司都对立即解雇的情况做出严格的规范。
    Most companieshave strict guidelines as to what offenses call for immediate dismissal.
  • 史密斯先生接到他被解雇的通知时,目瞪口呆。
    Mr Smith looked blank, when he was informed of his dismissal.
  • 要是雇员因信仰歧视而被不公正解雇,比起其他一般性理由,他能得到更多的赔偿,这就可能会加大雇主们的压力。
    And because employees claiming unfair dismissal on the grounds of discrimination are entitled to much higher payouts than those with standard claims, the strain on employers could be immense.
  • 这样,当你最终辞退她的时候,她就无法声称自己被解雇是不公平的。
    Then, when you finally fire her, she won't be able to claim unfair dismissal.
  • 老板以解雇威胁他,最后说:“如果你干活儿不肯卖力气,你可以马上滚蛋。”
    The boss threatened him with dismissal and capped it off by saying,“if you don't get serious about your job,you can quit at once.”
  • 一个组织中正式权威的构成通常与委派、处罚、及人事解雇有关。
    The structure of formal authority in an organization typically is related to the appointment, disciplining, and dismissal of personnel.