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Dictionary explanation
vi. 相异;意见分歧
vt. 使…相异;使…不同
n. (Differ)人名;(法)迪费
Web explanation
differ - 不同,相异,有区别
differ with - 与,不调和,不一致
vary differ - 改变,变化
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不一致; 不同
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Bilingual sentences

  • 总的来说,总统的方案和州长的提议似乎只是在程度和强调的重点上有所不同,根本的思想观念几乎无异。
    Generally, the programs of the president and the proposals of the governor appear to differ in degree and emphasis rather than ideology.
  • 管理风格各有不同。
    Management styles differ.
  • 各种布料的布纹是不相同的。
    Materials differ in the way the threads are woven together.
  • 这两个地区气候差异很大。
    These two regions differ greatly in climate.
  • 意见不一。
    Opinions differ.
  • 退休以后,克罗在好几个问题上都与总统意见相左。
    Since his retirement, Crowe has differed with the President on several issues.
  • 对于那个问题,恐怕我与你有不同的看法。
    I'm afraid I differ with you on that question.
  • 对各种学习资源和利用和学习支持服务的需求不同。
    To all sorts of study resource and the demand that use and study supportive service differ.
  • 姐妹俩爱好相差很大。
    The sisters differ widely in their interests.
  • 那就是我俩看法不一的地方。
    That is where we differ
  • 世界上的事物是千差万别的。
    Things in the world differ from each other in a thousand ways.
  • 这些不同的晶面,具有很不相同的化学性质,特别是对化学腐蚀剂的反应不一致。
    The chemical properties of these surface differ considerably, particularly in their reaction to etchants.
  • 这些东西的区别只是大小不同而实质一样。
    They differ in size but not in kind.
  • 你的需要每天可能都会不同。
    Your needs can differ from day to day
  • 两地情形大不相同。
    Conditions in the two places differ greatly.
  • 这对孪生兄弟外貌很相像,但性格却相差很大。
    The twin brothers are alike in appearance but differ greatly in disposition.
  • 康德哲学的范畴与亚里士多德哲学的范畴的不同在于其主观性。
    The Kantian categories differ from those of Aristotle in being subjective.
  • 恕我对你的看法不敢苟同。
    I beg to differ from you on the opinion.
  • 它们与水深图稍有不同,后者实际上是洋底地形图。
    They differ somewhat from bathymetric charts which are virtually topographic maps of the ocean floor.
  • 人类与牲畜的区别是因为人能够思考和说话。
    Men differ from beasts in that they can think and speak.
  • 各有各的兴趣。
    Tastes differ.
  • 我们称他们野蛮,因为他们的举止和我们不同。
    Savage we call them because their manners differ from ours.
  • 狗与狼的身型不同。
    Dogs differ from wolves in shape.