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adj. 依靠的;从属的;取决于…的
n. 依赖他人者;受赡养者
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Bilingual sentences

  • 确定该类型是否依赖上下文。
    Determine whether the type is context dependent.
  • 毫无疑问,如果这个链条中的任何一个插件不能成功加载,那么依赖它的插件就可能会出现问题。
    No doubt, then, that if any plug-in in this chain fails to load successfully, the dependent plug-ins may have problems.
  • 这意味着您必须将任何依赖代码放在回调函数内,或者放在由回调函数调用的函数内。
    This means that you must put any dependent code inside the callback function, or inside functions that are called by the callback function.
  • 共享服务是否可以承载于某个依赖组织的 IT 部门,或者是否将创建某个共享服务组织以某种方式为其提供资金投入呢?
    Will the shared service be hosted in the IT department of one or other of the dependent organizations, or will some shared services organization be created and somehow funded?
  • 这个开销是恒定的,并不取决于事务所做的工作。
    This overhead is constant and not otherwise dependent on the work done by the transaction.
  • 这可帮助您识别来自原始规则集的依赖性规则集群,识别没有落入任何上述集群中的规则。
    This helps you identify the dependent rule clusters from the original rule set and identify rules that do not fall into any of the above clusters.
  • 当我们进入孤独中独自面对天主时,很快就会发现自己是多么的需要依靠。
    When we enter into solitude to be with God alone, we quickly discover how dependent we are.
  • 如果你让他/她处在生活的阴影下,而不去正视生活,那么他们将成长为过分依赖、软弱、为芝麻小事去寻求帮助。
    If you don’t let him/her face life in all its shades, they will grow up to be excessively dependent, weak and seek help for trivial matters.
  • 这个控制下的环境,让你能够将CUT隔离起来并只验证它的行为的正确性,而和它所依赖的类无关。
    This controlled environment allows you to ensure that you are isolating the CUT and validating only its behavior, not that of the dependent classes.
  • 如果是某人所依赖的呢?
    What about if someone is dependent?
  • 另外一些人生活在永久的不安中,他们非常恐惧和焦虑,以致于对他人的评价变得依赖和脆弱;
    Others live in permanent insecurity, and have many fears and anxieties that make them dependent and vulnerable to the judgments of others.
  • 即使存在一个依赖应用程序,也会出现这个问题,但几个应用程序共享相同的队列管理器是很常见的。
    This presents a problem when even one dependent application is present, but more often than not there are several applications sharing the queue manager.
  • 我们变得有多依赖?
    How dependent have we become?
  • 然而,不论有多少用户正在访问您的服务器,都会存在一些需要您考虑的取决于版本的最低要求。
    However, no matter how many users are accessing your server, there are some edition-dependent minimums that you need to account for.