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Bilingual sentences

  • 我想将目标锁定在那些害怕牙医的人身上。
    I'd like to target people who are afraid of the dentist.
  • 为了以防万一,记得提醒你宝宝的牙医他正在使用奶嘴,那牙医就会在每次检查的时候注意宝宝的牙齿问题。
    Mention to your child's dentist that he uses a pacifier, though, and she'll watch for problems at each checkup, just in case.
  • 每年至少见一次你的牙医。
    See your dentist at least once a year.
  • 他在他牙医的诊所,并且他们曾经常常给病人补金牙。
    He was at his dentist and they used to give gold fillings in those days.
  • 如果在宝宝周岁的时候还没有任何出牙的征兆,那你就要带宝宝去看牙医了。
    If your child shows no sign of teething by their girst birthday you should see your doctor or dentist.
  • 我的牙医就是这么干的。
    That's what my dentist did.
  • 尽管如此,病人还是能听到牙医的声音,因为并非所有的声音都被过滤了。
    Patients are, though, still able to hear the dentist's voice because not all sounds are filtered out.
  • 如果你的牙齿出现这些症状,你的牙医会给你一个口腔护卫。
    If your teeth show these signs, your dentist can give you a mouth guard.
  • 听说这次的听众不好对付。 只要不让我去会场,我去哪儿都行,哪怕是牙医诊所。
    It's a tough audience I hear -- Right now I'd rather be anywhere else, even at the dentist!
  • 毕竟,从没有其他人跟我说过我看上去很疲惫或者说我要去看牙医了。
    After all, no one else ever tells me that I look tired or that I need to go see the dentist.
  • 如果你需要的话,你的牙医可以给你开更高含量的处方型的氟凝胶,牙膏或漱口剂。
    Your dentist can prescribe a stronger concentration of fluoride in a gel, toothpaste or rinse if you need it.
  • 她戴的骨色耳环是一名牙医送给她的礼物(是这名牙医用义齿材料制作的),她领着我参观了研究人员安装在她家中的监控设备。
    Her bone-colored earrings — a gift from a dentist who made them from denture material — dangle as she gives me a tour of the equipment that researchers have installed in her apartment.
  • 我不能去,我今天下午和我的牙医有约.
    I can't.I have an appointment with my dentist this afternoon.
  • 我不清楚我是否在重复这个,但是他当时是在他牙医的诊所-我没有告诉你吧。
    I don't know if I'm repeating this but he was at his dentist I didn't tell you this.
  • 牙医:为了支付我的所得税,能为我安排开立一个自动转帐帐户吗?
    Dentist:Can I make arrangements to open an automatic transfer account for my income tax payments.