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n. 斜纹粗棉布,丁尼布;劳动布
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denim - 牛仔布,牛仔,牛仔布
Denim Fabric - 牛仔布,牛仔面料,粗斜纹棉布
Denim shorts - 牛仔短裤,短裤
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丁尼布; 粗斜纹棉布
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Bilingual sentences

  • 无论如何,当我想到那个司机时我所看到的一切是我凝固在他的倒车镜里的形象:我的头发依然很长;我很瘦,穿件牛仔夹克,戴着一副难看的、尺码过大的眼镜。
    In any case, when I think about the driver all I can see is my own image frozen in his rearview mirror: my hair is still long; I’m thin, wearing a denim jacket and a pair of awful, oversize glasses.
  • 这是牛仔服装行业的一个精品领域。
    This is a rarefied segment of the denim business.
  • 旧牛仔裤颜色渐变丰富,记得要用你最喜欢的深浅的蓝色线,特别是鞋面部分,因为这是最显眼的地方。
    Worn denim has many colour variations. Use your favorite shades of blue, especially for the top upper, which will be the most visible.
  • 那是一条从牛仔裤店偷来的牛仔裤。
    It was a pair of jeans from a denim shop.
  • 因此,如果我知道皮夹克可以与牛仔裤以及牛仔裤可以与飙车靴一起搭配,那么经过推论,牛仔裤可以与飙车靴一起搭配。
    So, if I know leather jackets can be worn with denim pants and denim pants can be worn with biker boots, then by inferencing, leather jackets can be worn with biker boots.
  • 针织服装采用大量鲜艳的颜色和纹理,而牛仔布主要是现代风格,色彩鲜明,有时候中间会夹些轻而软的东西。
    Knitwear comes in a variety of bright colours and textures, while denim, that modern style staple , comes in vivid hues and is quilted on occasion.
  • 他们的儿子赛义夫也表现出对西方文化的青睐,他身穿斜纹粗布牛仔裤和棕色皮夹克。
    Their son Saif also shows his fondness for western culture, wearing a pair of denim jeans and brown leather jacket.
  • 我见到鲁普的时候,他戴着一个棒球帽,蓝色的丁尼布上衣和牛仔裤,还有一双牛仔靴。
    When I meet Rupp he is wearing a baseball cap, blue denim shirt and jeans, and cowboy boots.
  • 也许你从不认为牛仔布,或与之有关的其他布料,可以成为制作手镯的理想材料。
    You might not think that denim, or any other cloth for that matter, would make the most ideal material to make a bracelet with.
  • 好啦,既然我们都说到牛仔裤了,我们就说说牛仔布料在2011春夏又开始流行了的事吧。
    Well, since we are speaking of jeans, you should know that denim is back again for spring/summer 2011.
  • 牛仔的回归也可能意味着设计师和零售商在过去一年里未能引领出新的时尚潮流,推出让消费者感到兴奋的必备新品。
    The attention on denim may also represent designers' and retailers' inability in the past year to come up with styles or must-have items that consumers can get excited about.
  • 还有更好的一招,就是去买被自然穿旧的二手牛仔!
    Or better still, buy secondhand denim that has been naturally distressed through use!
  • 只要你有中等的缝纫手艺,你就能轻松地为自己做一双舒适的牛仔布拖鞋。
    If you have intermediate sewing skills then you can easily stitch yourself a pair of proper denim slippers.