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Dictionary explanation
adv. 当前;一般地
Web explanation
Currently - 目前,现在,最近
currently active - 当前活动,当前处于活动状态
currently floating - 目前浮动,目前浮
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现在; 流畅地; 一般
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Bilingual sentences

  • 没人知道现在有多少人在网上冲浪。
    No one knows how many people currently surf the Net.
  • 这一聚合物的性质目前是个商业机密。
    The nature of the polymer is currently a trade secret.
  • 这也许会火上浇油,破坏当前脆弱不稳的休战局面。
    This may help to undermine the brittle truce that currently exists.
  • 这是目前传送电子邮件等某些类型的数据的最高效方式。
    This is currently the most efficient way to transmit certain types of data like electronic mail
  • 他目前正在滨海韦斯顿主演圣诞童话剧。
    He is currently starring in pantomime in Weston-super-Mare.
  • 弗兰克目前定居柏林。
    Frank is currently domiciled in Berlin.
  • 他现在被关在一个大城市的改造中心。
    He is currently being held in a metropolitan correctional center.
  • 你眼下头脑不清了,对于金钱和感情的忧虑交织在了一起。
    You are currently in a muddle where financial and emotional concerns are tangled together.
  • 他们现在正陶醉于成功之中。
    They are currently drunk with success
  • 这个游戏现在吸引了很多人。
    The game is currently drawing huge crowds.
  • 我不再被允许在他所在的任何一间屋子里吸烟。
    I'm no longer allowed to smoke in any room which he currently occupies.
  • 估计现在有800万人有资格申请所得税退税。
    There are an estimated eight million people currently thought to be eligible to reclaim income tax.
  • 你现在服用的药物可能会影响身体的平衡能力。
    The medicines you are currently taking could be affecting your balance.
  • 目前,30%的爬行动物、鸟类和鱼类面临灭绝的危险。
    30 percent of reptiles, birds, and fish are currently threatened with extinction.
  • 现在学生的辍学率是三分之一。
    The drop-out rate among students is currently one in three.
  • 他目前在关注评估和发展。
    He is currently focusing on assessment and development