cruise through

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cruise through - 轻松取胜
cruise through the bloodstream - 血液流通
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Bilingual sentences

  • 显然,动态类型引起VM推断类型执行期间会慢下来,并与静态类型,虚拟机可以通过额外的工作没有巡航。
    Apparently dynamic types caused the VM to infer types during execution which would slow it down, and with static types, the VM could cruise through without that additional work.
  • 白天你骑着本田金翼1800摩托车在美丽的乡村巡航,晚间入住豪华旅馆,享用普罗旺斯美食。
    You’ll cruise through gorgeous countryside on a Honda Goldwing 1800 by day, and stay in luxury hotels and tuck into fine Provençal cuisine by night.
  • 你可以在威尼斯的河巷上泛舟,或者在中世纪的街道上随意漫步。
    Take a gondola cruise through the canals or just get lost walking in the mid-evil streets.
  • 柯尔弗回忆起巡游似地通过那电影制片厂标志性的大门时的特别经历。
    Colfer recalled how special it was to cruise through the iconic studio gates.
  • 在大开曼岛(Grand Cayman)附近,两只刺鳐正在清澈见底的海水中游弋着。
    Two stingrays cruise through crystal-clear waters near Grand Cayman.
  • 游客们可以乘船在树冠中穿梭。
    Tourists can take a boat cruise through the forest of crowns.
  • 我们也许得先面对生活的挑战,才能够悠闲地穿过简单的部分。
    We might as well face our challenges head-on and then cruise through the easy part.
  • 但“朱诺”号首先要经历穿越太空的长期航行,然后完成穿越木星强辐射带的艰难旅程。
    But first, Juno had to survive its long cruise through space and then a harrowing trip through the planet's punishing radiation belts.
  • 但是使用这样的系统和大量的经验,让我在微额桌游刃有余。
    There may be mistakes in here but using a system like this and lots of experience I was able to cruise through micro stakes.
  • 收缩设计使船只畅通无阻的通过运河。卷桥每周五的中午会卷起来。
    The retractable design allows for boats to cruise through the canal unobstructed, and the bridge rolls up every Friday at noon.
  • 穿过了风景怡人的金石滩后,在卡梅尔边吃边玩度过剩下的时间。
    Cruise through an exclusive neighborhood and scenic coastal views to the famed Pebble Beach. Continue to Carmel for a leisurely afternoon of shopping and dinner.
  • 假如你在一个穿越地中海的乘船观光团上,你就大概只能在雅典呆一天。
    If you’re on a cruise through the Mediterranean, you might only have one day in Athens.
  • 有时可以预订的航班通过巡航路线,但并非总是如此。
    Sometimes it is possible to book your flight through the cruise line , but not always.