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Dictionary explanation
n. 封面,封皮;盖子;掩蔽物;幌子,借口
vt. 包括;采访,报导;涉及;行走(一段路程);掩护;翻唱
vi. 覆盖;代替;敷衍;给…投保;
n. (Cover)人名;(英)科弗;(意)科韦尔
Web explanation
cover - 覆盖,封面,涵盖
Cover Letter - 求职信,投稿信,说明信
cover note - 承保单,保险证明书,暂保单
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这是我将在下一篇文章中涉及的内容。
    This is something we'll cover in my next article.
  • 词典的封面已经被撕掉了。
    The cover of the dictionary has been torn off.
  • 我将涉及到 COBIT 的领域生命周期,然后是所有领域的 IT 过程。
    I will cover the COBIT domain lifecycle and then IT processes of all domains.
  • 这些讲座将涵盖我认为应当被教授的宏观经济学议题,而不采取通常的教授方式。
    These lectures will cover macroeconomics as I think it should be taught, not the way it is normally taught.
  • 我们可以很明显的看出上面的模版是不完整的,这篇文章中也没有涉及协议规则或者协议模版的内容。
    It should be clear that the template above was incomplete, and this article also did not cover the protocol rule or template at all.
  • 您必须在编写每个测试时尽量地覆盖尽可能多的方法和分支。
    You have to write each test to cover as much as it possibly can.
  • 这里的指令并不包括如何在任何应用软件中创建用户。
    The instructions here do not cover how to create users in either application.
  • 这部新词典皮革封面上装饰着金字。
    The leather cover of the new dictionary was embellished with gold letters.
  • 他用力撕包裹的封皮。
    He tore at the cover of the parcel.
  • 你绝不应该以一本书的封面判断其好坏,但你应以标题判断其故事的好坏吗?
    You should never judge a book by its cover, but should you judge a story by its title?
  • 然而,请求 可以扩展并覆盖到工作中任何一个请求的类型。
    However, the Request can be expanded to cover any type of request for work.
  • 报告的其余部分应该覆盖关键信息,包括:谁,什么,在那,什么时候,为什么?
    The rest of the advisory should cover the essentials of who, what, where, when, and why.
  • 这包裹的封皮扯不开。
    The cover of the parcel won't tear.
  • 再有,该研究所涵盖的似乎只是一小段时间,或者至少该研究的时间跨度不曾得到讨论。
    Additionally, the study appears to cover only one moment in time, or at least the duration of the study is not discussed.
  • 这种编码方案可以表示超过 65000 个字符,这覆盖了世界上最重要的语言的大多数字符。
    This encoding scheme can represent 65000+ characters which cover most of the characters of the most important languages of the world.
  • 他们可以将问题旋转以更深入地覆盖不同的区域,同时仍旧保持问题列表的小规模。
    They can rotate the questions to cover different areas in more depth while still keeping the list of questions small.
  • 然而,它并没有涵盖您可能需要的一切。
    However, it does not cover everything that you might need.
  • 在这个指南里我们将包括从头开始的投资习惯。
    In this tutorial we will cover the practice of investing from the ground up.
  • 我们已经重写了所有示例脚本,以覆盖新的基准。
    We have rewritten all the sample scripts to cover the new benchmark.
  • 我们有一个盖子防止水蒸发。
    We have a cover to prevent evaporation.
  • 我不会在这把所有内容都涉及,但是你们已不再是在高中了。
    I don't cover everything in there, but you are not in high school anymore.
  • 还是不喜欢书的封面设计?
    Do they not like the book cover?
  • 所以我们经常从封面评判一本重要的书或者我们从外表去判断一个人
    So often we judge the proverbial book by its cover and we judge people by their appearance.