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Dictionary explanation
adj. 冠的;冠状的;花冠的
Web explanation
coronary - 冠状的,冠状动脉,冠心
Coronary circulation - 冠状血管,冠状循环,冠脉循环
Coronary thrombosis - 冠状动脉血栓形成,冠状动脉血栓,冠状动脉血栓症
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冠的; 冠状的; 花冠的
冠状动脉; 冠状静脉
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Bilingual sentences

  • 目的:研究右冠状动脉的长度和其发生冠状动脉狭窄的关系。
    Objective: To investigate the relationship between the length of the right coronary artery and coronary stenosis.
  • 目的:探讨缺血修饰白蛋白对急性冠脉综合征早期诊断的临床应用价值。
    Objective: To study the clinical value of ischemia modified albumin for early diagnosis in acute coronary syndrome.
  • 目的:探讨冠心病的发生及发展与血栓形成的关系。
    Objective: To study the relationship between thrombosis and mechanism of coronary heart disease.
  • 压力被广泛认为是导致冠心病的一个因素。
    Stress is widely perceived as contributing to coronary heart disease
  • 这个研究在将来会把睡眠的缺少和冠状动脉疾病联系在一块。
    This study may someday connect sleep loss to coronary artery disease.
  • 从腿部取出一些细小血管,用来对堵塞的冠状动脉进行分流。
    Small veins are removed from the leg and used to bypass the blocked up stretch of coronary arteries.
  • 去年的一项大规模前瞻性研究表明,A-B型行为差异与冠心病没有联系。
    A large prospective study last year showed the A-B behavior distinction was not associated with coronary artery disease.
  • 冠状动脉左主干病变的介入治疗具有挑战性。
    Intervention in the case of left main coronary artery disease is challenging.
  • 冠状动脉口被夹层形成所累及。
    The coronary ostia are involved in the dissection.
  • 如果所有的冠状动脉均没有较大的阻塞物,心脏各部分将得到等量的氧气。
    If all the coronary arteries are free of significant obstructions, all parts of the heart will receive equal amounts of oxygen.
  • 冠状动脉的肌肉痉挛可能导致心脏病。
    A muscular spasm in the coronary artery can cause a heart attack