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cord - 细绳,绳索,绳
BEDFORD CORD - 经条灯心绒,坑纹布,厚实凸条布
nerve cord - 神经索,词组,链状神经系统
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Bilingual sentences

  • 脑膜炎是一种覆盖大脑和脊髓的组织被感染的疾病。
    Meningitis is an infection of the tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord.
  • 环境中有许多其他因素会影响性能,包括网络使用率、服务器上的其他程序、拒绝服务攻击以及电源线被绊断。
    Many other factors in the environment can affect performance, including network utilization, other programs on the server, denial of service attacks, and tripping over the power cord.
  • 另外,如果它还能解决掉另一根线,我就感兴趣了。
    Additionally, if it gets rid of another cord, I’m interested.
  • 手腕上都是擦伤,所以可能是从绳索里硬拽出来的。
    My wrist is all scraped now, so I must have pulledit through the cord.
  • 腓肠肌下部沿着跟腱疼痛,也就是连接脚后跟和腓肠肌的那根绳子。
    Pain in the lower calf along the Achilles tendon, the cord connecting the heel to the calf muscle.
  • 该传感器是一种小型手持设备,像一个麦克风,通过连接线连接到一个扫描仪。
    The transducer is a small hand-held device that resembles a microphone, attached to the scanner by a cord.
  • 再想想计算机网络,也许你想像的小蓝线从你的计算机跑出,连接到越来越大的电缆,直到它们进入大而丑陋充满服务器的建筑。
    Think of a computer network, and maybe you imagine that little blue cord running from your computer, connected to bigger and bigger cables, until they meet a big ugly building filled with servers.
  • 他用一根绳索抓住了盗贼,但吃惊地发现那是个男孩。
    He caught the thief with a cord but was surprised to find it was a boy.
  • 把线穿过一个小孔,在小孔外面打两个结,把线的另一头穿过第二个小孔,也在线上打两个结。
    Tie two knots in the cord outside the hole. Thread the other end of the cord through the second hole. Tie two knots in the cord.
  • 当电池快用完时,你只需要将手表放在基座上重新充电,不需要用数据线相连。
    When the battery winds down, just put the watch on the base to recharge it. No cord required.
  • 他用一根绳子把一个包裹扎紧,然后寄给了疑犯。
    He tied a package with a cord then sent it to the suspect.
  • 这个剧场好像是通过一个巨大的脐带和这个城市得以连接。
    It’s as if the theater were connected to the city by a gigantic umbilical cord.
  • 我不小心把我的延长线落家里了,把它和我这周末要做的,为工厂准备的设备放在一起了。
    I had accidentally left my extension cord home with supplies I’d organized for a workshop I’m doing this weekend.
  • 但是如果这个理论是正确的话,那么关于何时剪断脐带的举证责任将会从那些很晚之后才剪断脐带的人转移到那些很早就剪断脐带的人们身上。
    But if it is, then the burden of proof in the matter of when to cut the cord will have shifted from those who would cut late to those who would cut early.
  • 这种纳米纤维结构同时还能支持新的轴突沿着脊髓上下的生长。
    The scaffold, meanwhile, supports the growth of new axons up and down the spinal cord.
  • 我们从桥上跳下,到500英尺的时候,蹦极绳索便将我们套住。
    B: We jumped off a bridge and fell 500 feet before the bungee cord caught us.
  • 尽管平时在我的电脑包里面塞满很多东西,但是如果让我只能带电脑、电源和另外五件东西的话,那它们会是下面这些。
    While I carry a lot more than these five things, if I had to only carry my laptop, the power cord, and five things, these are the things I’d pick.
  • 苹果公司的每一款产品都采用了“过时的”内置设计,如果我的电源线丢了,另换一根就得向他们支付80美元。
    Every Apple (AAPL) product has obsolescence built in, and if I lose my laptop's power cord, they charge me $80 for a new one.
  • 我气愤地反驳说,他们的声带仿佛被上帝吻过,一点都没有的伤。
    I retorted angrily: “their vocal cord sounds as if it was kissed by god, without any hurt.