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Dictionary explanation
n. 贡献者;投稿者;捐助者
Web explanation
contributor - 投稿家,捐助人,贡献者
as contributor - 教师作为贡献者的角色
net contributor - 净捐助国,净援助国
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捐赠者; 贡献者; 捐款人; 投稿人
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Bilingual sentences

  • 所有这些都能导致家庭意见不和,而内疚是其中的主要因素。
    All this can lead to divisive family arguments to which guilt is a major contributor.
  • 他也证明了他能在一只冠军球队中扮演一个关键的角色。
    He's also proven that he can be a key contributor to a championship team.
  • 其次,我们需要捐助者在我们的公司。
    Second, we need to be a contributor in our company.
  • 他是位慷慨的捐助者。
    He is a generous contributor.
  • 他们报告说,云是影响气候的一个重要因素,但迄今为止没有进行过研究。
    They reported that clouds are an important and heretofore uninvestigated contributor to the climate.
  • 在他的第二个赛季,他是球队里的一个主要的贡献者。
    In his second season, he would be a major contributor to the team.
  • 他经常为儿童刊物写稿。
    He is a regular contributor to children's magazines.
  • 缺乏医疗和保险是导致贫困的一个重要因素。
    Lack of access to health care and insurance is a significant contributor to poverty.