continuous rolled strip

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Bilingual sentences

  • 因此,近年来,辊型在线检测已成为提高热连轧机轧后带材板形质量的一项关键技术。
    Therefore, for nearly years, the on-line measure of roll profile has been a key technology of improving the shape quality of rolled strip of hot continuous mills.
  • 全连续式冷轧工艺的发展对冷轧带钢的生产带来了重大的变革。
    Development of fully continuous cold-rolling technology(also called as endless rolling) have brought a great change to the production of cold rolled steel strip.
  • 简要介绍冷轧板带钢连续退火技术的进步,以及世界连续退火生产的发展。
    The article describes the improvement of cold rolled strip continuous annealing technology, and the development of world continuous annealing production.