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n. 自满;满足;自鸣得意
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complacency - 自满,志得意满,自鸣得意
complacency anxiety - 满足
only complacency - 也只能自我陶醉
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满足; 安心
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Bilingual sentences

  • 但是我把“祝你今天足够愉快”粗略地理解为“你度过了有些厌倦又让人自满的一天,而这只是很平常但又不可或缺的一天。”
    But to me "You have a good enough day" translates roughly into "You have a day of mild boredom and complacency, an average day that you survive just for the sake of it".
  • 我认为最好的避免自满的方法是时刻注意自己的举止这样你就不会在不经意间进入满意的状态。
    I think the best way to avoid complacency is to be aware of your behaviour so your don’t slip into that comfortable zone.
  • 在这个问题上没有自满或是听之任之的余地,因为这个问题被认为范围不大—尽管它涉及到奴役和人类生命的毁灭。
    There is no room for complacency on this issue, or dismissal because the problem is not considered to be on a significant scale – it involves servitude, and therefore the devastation of human lives.
  • 这些数字后面的自满令人震惊,错误是我们造成的。
    The complacency behind these figures is shocking, and the failure is ours.
  • G20公告中押韵且理智的说,“不能因为感觉到正常状态即将到来便满足”。
    “A sense of normalcy should not lead to complacency, ” the G20 communiqué says, with both rhyme and reason.
  • 从你脑中清除怨恨和自满的最好的方法就是对你现在的处境心存感激。
    The best way to clear resentment and complacency from your mind is to be grateful for where you are right now.
  • 尽管就目前而言,其组织情绪是内向和自满。
    For now, though, its organising emotions are introspection and complacency.
  • 在我们这个国家,我们还有一段很长的路要走,我们不能允许自满或天真来阻止我们完成这段旅程。
    We have come a long way in this country, and we cannot allow complacency or naiveté to prevent us from finishing the journey.
  • 他的管理风格与任何一个成长为商业领袖或领先于竞争对手的人息息相关,更不用说自鸣得意了。
    His management style is relevant to anyone who's growing a business or looking to stay ahead of fierce competitors, not to mention complacency.
  • 然而,这种自满是非常危险的。
    Yet all this betrays a dangerous complacency.