commit a crime

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commit a crime - 犯罪,犯下罪行,因…犯罪
commit such a crime - 犯下此等罪行
commit a serious crime - 犯重罪,犯罪,犯了严重的罪行
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Bilingual sentences

  • 不经人允许使用他人的财物等于犯罪。
    To use someone's property without permission is to commit a crime.
  • 教唆他人犯罪的,应当按照他在共同犯罪中起的作用处罚。
    One who instigates others to commit a crime shall be punished according to the role he plays in the joint crime.
  • 你要是犯罪,就逃脱不了要受惩罚。
    If you commit a crime you can never escape being punished.
  • 不同交往理论包括两个部分:微观部分关注的是个体为何犯罪的问题;
    There are two parts in Sutherland's theory: first of it is microcosmic part, which is about why a individual commit crime;
  • 为数不多的人甚至利用爱情,犯错误或者谋利。
    Few people use love to commit a crime or obtain benefit.
  • 违法犯罪的青少年既是害人者,又是受害者。
    The young who break the law & commit a crime are both vermin & victims .
  • 更令人痛苦的是,在如今的网络匿名环境下,那些性格扭曲的人不费多少时间就可以通过诸如Craigslist这样的网站去模仿犯罪。
    And sadly, in today’s anonymous online environment, it was probably only a matter of time before some twisted individual used a Web site like Craigslist to commit a crime of impersonation.
  • 第九十七条 本法所称首要分子,是指在犯罪集团或者聚众犯罪中起组织、策划、指挥作用的犯罪分子。
    Article 97 “Ringleader” as mentioned in this Law refers to any criminal who has the role of organizing, planning or directing a criminal group or a crowd assembled to commit a crime.
  • 60岁的成龙扮演的是霍安——一名遭当局陷害成为莫须有罪名的奴役。
    Chan, 60, plays Huan An, an official framed and enslaved for a crime he didn't commit.
  • 即已经着手实行犯罪,因为犯罪分子意志以外的原因而未得逞的是犯罪未遂。
    Namely, an attempt of crime refers to a case where an offender has already started to commit a crime but is prevented from completing it for reasons independent of his will.
  • Nick答称他父亲就是为没有犯过的罪坐了牢。
    Nick explains that his own father did time for a crime he didn’t commit.
  • 幼儿无任何罪过。
    A infant can commit no crime.
  • 青少年犯罪在整个刑事犯罪中占有一定比例,25岁以下的青少年在其中扮演着“重要角色”。
    In our country, commit a crime in teenagers, phenomenon match serious, in entire criminal case in the following teenagers of 25 years old act all along " important role ".
  • 究竟未遂犯在哪些犯罪中有存在的余地?
    When a crime could commit attempted offense?
  • 你能相信这样一个小男孩会犯罪吗?
    Can you believe that such a young boy will commit a crime?
  • 一想到唯一无辜的人将因该某须有的罪名而遭判处,鲍勃潜在的辩护能耐就被激活了。
    The concern of an innocent man be convicted of a crime he didn't commit actuated Bob's hidden trial skills.