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Dictionary explanation
n. 盖被
adj. 舒适的,舒服的
Web explanation
comfortable - 舒适的,舒服的,舒心
comfortable feel - 手感舒适,手感舒服,手感恬静
comfortable seats - 舒适的座位,舒适的椅子
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舒适的 / 舒服的 / 给人以安慰的 / 容易相处的
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舒服的, 轻松的
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我和他们在一起更自在,也觉得自己没那么傻。
    I'm more comfortable with them. I don't feel I'm such a dope.
  • 躺在床上,身体放松。
    Lie down on your bed and make yourself comfortable
  • 据说昨晚他在医院状况良好。
    He was described as comfortable in hospital last night.
  • 这种加厚型妈咪袋把拉链打开就是一块方便、舒适的垫子,可给宝宝换尿布。
    This padded changing bag unzips to form a convenient and comfortable mat for nappy changing.
  • 一想到生活太过舒适了,我内心就很痛苦。
    I tormented myself with the thought that life was just too comfortable
  • 她试着把身子挪了挪,换了一个较为舒服的姿势。
    She tried to maneuver her body into a more comfortable position.
  • 她的凉鞋旧了,多少还有点破,但是穿起来很舒服。
    Her sandals were old and somewhat beaten-up, but very comfortable.
  • 看来科尔的退休生活一点都不自在。
    Kohl's retirement looks far from comfortable.
  • 她出身于一个收入稳定、生活宽裕的中产阶级家庭。
    She came from a stable, comfortable, middle-class family.
  • 坐这张椅子更舒服。
    This seat is more comfortable to sit on.
  • 家应该让人觉得舒服、亲切。
    A home should be comfortable and friendly.
  • 她在柔软而舒适的床上躺了下来。
    She lay down on the soft, comfortable bed
  • 我会跟他谈一谈,但是我觉得有些尴尬。
    I'll talk to them, but I won't feel comfortable about it.
  • 找一个安静、温暖、舒适且不会被打扰到的房间。
    Find a quiet, warm, comfortable room where you won't be disturbed.
  • 你坐在这个座位上舒坦吗?
    Are you comfortable in this seat?
  • 现在坐下来,让自己舒服些,你一定很累了。
    Now sit down and make yourself comfortable. You must be very tired.
  • 舒服的低跟鞋子最好了。
    Low-heeled comfortable shoes are best
  • 你需要在那里面加点凉水,这样就会舒服些。注意不要太凉。
    You need a bit of cold water in there to make it comfortable. Not too cold, mind.
  • 她帮他坐起身来,好让他舒服一点。
    She sat him up and made him comfortable.
  • 椅子首先应该舒适。
    Above all, chairs should be comfortable
  • 看起来他会轻松获胜。
    He appeared to be heading for a comfortable victory.
  • 便鞋穿着特别舒服。
    Trainers are so comfortable to wear.
  • 我们有了一个舒适的新居。
    We have a comfortable new residence.
  • 漂亮舒适的房间俯视着花团锦簇的花园。
    Pretty and comfortable rooms overlook a flower-filled garden
  • 由于湿度高,今晚屋子里不舒服。
    The house is not comfortable tonight because of the high humidity.
  • 这件上衣太小了,绷在身上很不舒服。
    The jacket is too tight and it's not comfortable.
  • 他喜欢我,我跟他在一起觉得很自在。
    He liked me and I felt comfortable with him
  • “他很有钱吗?”“他生活挺宽裕的。”
    'Is he rich?' — 'He's comfortable.'
  • 到半程时,我们轻松领先两圈。
    By half distance we held a comfortable two-lap lead