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Dictionary explanation
n. 安慰;舒适;安慰者
vt. 安慰;使(痛苦等)缓和
Web explanation
Comfort - 安慰,舒适,舒服
丰田Comfort - Toyota Comfort,トヨタ・コンフォート,Toyota Crown Comfort LPG
Comfort letter - 安慰函,告慰信,信心保证书
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安慰; 使缓和
舒适, 安慰者, 安慰
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Bilingual sentences

  • 在对永恒的注视之中我获得较大的安慰。
    I take greater comfort in the contemplation of eternity.
  • 但是我们有朋友们的安慰。
    But we have friends to comfort us.
  • 我今晚不能和你一起去看电影了,因为我必须去安慰我那极度悲伤的朋友。
    I can’t go to the cinema with you tonight because I have to comfort my friend in grief.
  • 找到一些把你带离舒适区域的事或你热爱去做的事。
    Find something that takes you out of your comfort zone or that you love to do.
  • 所以我猜她的巫会应当能从这个经历中得到一些安慰。
    So I guess her coven ought to be able to derive some comfort from this experience.
  • 我从谁那儿能得到安慰呢?
    From whom shall I get comfort?
  • 我们以什么样的形式让他们承受,我们不得而知;我们只知道,我们会吓坏他们,即便是那些我们想要去安慰的人和我们最想寻求温柔和同情的人。
    What form we seem to them to bear we know not; we know only that we terrify even those whom we most wish to comfort, and from whom we most crave tenderness and sympathy.
  • 然而,我们有给他们走出舒适地带并且依照他们所知道的来行动的动力。
    However, I gave them no motivation to step outside their comfort zones and act on what they knew.
  • 他们尽量使生病的女孩感到舒适。
    They surrounded the sick girl with every comfort.
  • 去安慰他,因为他很悲伤。[比 because 较为正式,少用于口语中,用于提出证据或说明前面刚作的陈述]
    Comfort him for he is sad.
  • 我没有一句安慰的话。
    I have not one word of comfort.
  • 奉献你的时间——找到一些把你带离舒适区域的事或你热爱去做的事。
    Volunteer your time——Find something that takes you out of your comfort zone or that you love to do.
  • 从而,个体和组织都从在开始时就知道所有答案和风险中得到安慰。
    Consequently, individuals and organizations take comfort in knowing all the answers and risks from the start.
  • 我们该怎么安慰自己,这一切凶手之中的凶手?
    How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers?
  • 每天做一些事使自己走出你的舒适区。
    Do something each day that moves you out of your comfort zone.
  • 在帮助一名儿童时,间接处理这些问题,并为他们提供食物和安慰。
    In helping a child, deal with the issues indirectly, and provide them with food and comfort.
  • 尽管这个问题现在看上去还控制得很好,而在一段时间以前,他还不知道情况是否能在控制中,我的病人告诉我他自己现在非常需要安慰。
    Though it now seems well-controlled, for a period of time before he knew whether or not it would be, my patient told me he found himself in great need of comfort.
  • 营造舒适度最好的一个方法是,同我说过的,肢体接触!
    One of the best ways to build comfort is, as I said, TOUCH!
  • 她相信,安慰虽不等于面包,却是生活的拐杖。
    She believed that comfort, not bread, was the staff of life.