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Dictionary explanation
n. 喜剧演员;滑稽人物
Web explanation
comedian - 喜剧演员,滑稽演员,相声演员
Little Comedian - 我家乐翻天
Comedian movies - 我喜欢看的电影
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喜剧演员 / 逗乐的人
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Bilingual sentences

  • 谁知道在奈梅亨的每个人都是喜剧演员呢。
    Who knew that everyone in Nimwegens was a comedian?
  • 我是乔治·洛佩兹的超级粉丝,我认为他是一个非常了不起的喜剧演员,我看过他的很多舞台秀,都非常有意思。
    I am a big fan of George Lopez. I think he is a terrific comedian. I have watched many of his shows, and they made me chuckle.
  • 在每一项发明的背后,都有一个关于如何灵光一闪的故事。 莱梅尔逊会像一位站立喜剧演员一样讲述整个过程,只不过,他的“表演”并不会有什么妙语连珠,而是打造一项发明。
    Behind each of his inventions is a story about how it came to him, and Lemelson tells it in the manner of a standup comedian, except that instead of a punch line at the end there is an invention.
  • 最著名的作家之一马克·土温以及伟大的喜剧演员查理·卓别林都在8年级之前就退了学。
    Mark Twain, one of our most famous writers, and Charlie Chaplin, the great movie comedian, dropped out of school before 8th grade.
  • 在某些时候,帷幕一拉开,喜剧演员就会告诉你他们的年龄。
    At some point in a standup set, the comedian will often tell you their age.
  • 如果你是个喜剧演员的话,这个信号不错。
    This is a great sign if you’re a comedian.
  • 不仅如此,据我所知这大概是喜剧演员丹尼斯•米勒唯一作为主角参演的电影。
    Other than that, the movie also starred comedian Dennis Miller in what is probably his only starring role that I know of.
  • 作为一个喜剧演员,我希望我的工作不仅引人发笑,也能让他们思考。
    As a comedian, I think my job isn't just to make people laugh but also make them think.
  • 我对昨晚电视上那个新的喜剧演员很失望。
    I was disappointed with that new comedian on TV last night.
  • 一旦你发现她喜欢的幽默类型,那就尝试做一个喜剧演员吧。
    Once you find out her humor style, attempt to play the role of comedian.