cold spell

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cold spell - 春寒期,寒潮,寒冷期
coolinga cold spell - 趋冷气候
unusually cold spell - 倒春寒
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Bilingual sentences

  • 灰蒙蒙的天,尤其是窗外那潮湿的夜色,我单薄衣衫却怎麽也挡不住料峭的春寒。
    On dusky day, especially that moist dim light of night outside the window, my thin dress but can't block the chilly cold spell in spring really.
  • 天气预报说明天有寒流,刮风,气温会降到最高气温为零下7度。
    The weather forecast says there'll be a cold spell tomorrow, windy, and the temperature will fall to7 below zero at the highest.
  • 在这次寒流中,许多老人因低体温而无谓地死去了。
    In this current cold spell, many old people are dying needlessly of hypothermia.
  • 彷佛是幸运之神的眷顾,佛莱明决定不要把培养菌放在温暖的培养器中,然后冷峰侵袭了伦敦,给了霉菌生长的机会。
    Luck would have it that Fleming had decided not to store his culture in a warm incubator, and that London was then hit by a cold spell, giving the mold a chance to grow.
  • 厄尼诺年易出现春、秋季异常低温,春季多倒春寒,秋季寒露风日数偏多;
    In the year of El Nin~ o, the abnormal low temperature occurs in spring and autumn, cases of cold spell in later spring are more, and days of cold dew wind in autumn are more.
  • 蔬菜在寒潮期间都冻死了。
    The vegetables froze out during the cold spell.
  • 因此,那一千年的寒冷时期很可能是自然循环的一部分,这种自然循环在过去的几百万年中产生了不下十二个冰河时代。
    So the1000-year cold spell was probably part of the natural cycle that has produced more than a dozen ice ages over the past couple of million years.
  • 寒冷期多层围护结构瞬态温度响应的新等效理论解
    New Solution of Transient Temperature Response of Building Envelope in the cold Spell of Winter
  • 我们可以推迟到寒流过去之后。
    We can put it off till the cold spell is over.