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n. 级别,阶级(class复数形式)
Web explanation
Exception Classes - 异常类,异常类别
collection classes - 数据处理类,数据处置类,要查找新的泛型容器类
social classes - 社会阶层,社会阶级
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Bilingual sentences

  • 可能有其他的班级你可能…什么?
    There are other classes where you might . . . What?
  • 你怎么知道您是否需要这些课程呢?
    How do you know if you need these classes?
  • 大多数类是您所知道的。
    Most of the classes you know.
  • 如果你有时间,就要去上个仪态班。
    If you have the time, go for deportment classes.
  • 如果是,那么类会改变吗?
    If so, do classes change?
  • 您将在我们的应用程序中找到所有服务的这些类。
    You will find these classes for all of the services in our application.
  • 你已经开始上课了吗?
    Have you started your classes?
  • 接下来,您需要向类添加一个关键字,因为您的扩展,只会处理那些有一个已定义关键字的类。
    Next, you need to add a keyword to the class, because your extension will only work on classes that have a keyword defined.
  • 这通常就是我们想要的,并且对于配置那些框架并不了解的应用程序类,也是理想的。
    This is normally what we want, and is ideal for configuring application classes that the framework does not know about.
  • 你第一个想到的可能会是把这个方法作为实例化方法,添加到你自己的类里,但是这个方法可能并不在你的任何一个对象上做真正的操作。
    Your first thought might be to add the method to one of your own classes as an instance method, but the method may not really operate on any of your own objects.
  • 我们大学停课放暑假。
    The classes of our university closed for the summer vacation.
  • 所以,为了创建可由所有类共享的方法,我在原型之上设置了函数,而不仅仅是在对象上。
    So, to create methods shared by all classes, I set the function on the prototype, not just on the object.
  • 然后,所有这些类可以用到任何脚本中。
    All of these classes could then be used in any script.
  • 与所有对象一样,它们都有类。
    Like all objects, they have classes.
  • 在继承层次的每个端点,我们需要两个新类来完成这个。
    We need two new Classes at either end of the inheritance hierarchy to do this.
  • 注意,当您改变一个等价类的变量时,这个变化会串联影响到其他等价类。
    Notice that when you change the variables on one equivalence class, that change cascades to the other classes.
  • 所实现的任何格式都必须继承自这些类中的一个。
    Any format you implement must inherit from one of these classes.
  • 或者,如果您有一个已建立的网络,您可能已经在努力解决这些问题,并且想知道如何改进网络以适应分类服务。
    Or, if you have an established network, you might already be struggling with these issues and wondering how to retrofit your network to accommodate classes of service.
  • 那天学校停课了。
    Classes were suspended that day.
  • 使这些类联系在一起的唯一方法是通过使用这两个类集都可见的接口。
    The only way to tie these together is through the use of interfaces visible to both sets of classes.
  • 尽管我几年前就已经从高中毕业了,我还是投入到他所有的课程中以防那儿有状况发生。
    I have been put in all of his classes in case something happens there, though I graduated high school years ago.
  • 稍后本文将对其中一些类进行讨论,其余的类将在下一篇文章中进行讨论。
    We discuss some of these classes later in this article and some of them in the next article.
  • 这些露宿者都是贫穷人吗? 还是来自不同的阶层?
    Are these people all poor, or are they from all different classes?