bring it on

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Bilingual sentences

  • 折叠时,鼠标非常紧凑,而在使用状态时则形成了一个优美的拱门,这些设计对人体工程学有非常积极的影响。
    When folded, the mouse is very compact, but after bring it on a war footing it takes the form of an arch, which is very positive impact on ergonomics.
  • 吃糖太多也能引起胰岛素(活化),产生一种低血糖的回弹作用。
    Eating too much sugar can bring it on, too, causing a rebound effect of low blood sugar.
  • 来啊,你这个啄木鸟脸。
    Bring it on, pecker face.
  • 一旦我们在 PHP 代码中创建了对象,我们可以将其序列化,并导出到应用程序的 Ajax 部分中,处理并取回。
    Once we have created an object in our PHP code, we can serialize it, export it to the Ajax portion of the application, manipulate it, and bring it on back.
  • 店员: 谢谢您,先生。这是您的订单。请携带订单星期五来取蛋糕。
    Shop Assistant: Thank you, Sir. Here is your receipt. Please bring it on Friday to pick up your cake.
  • 一位名叫凯瑟琳.席格的发言人说:“他会毕恭毕敬的说‘来吧’。”
    "He would respectfully say, 'Bring it on'," said Katherine Cesinger, a spokeswoman.
  • 因他在我面前自卑,他还在世的时候,我不降这祸。 到他儿子的时候,我必降这祸与他的家。
    Because he has humbled himself, I will not bring this disaster in his day, but I will bring it on his house in the days of his son.
  • 癌症是当今社会最主要的致命疾病之一,科学家们已经发现紧张会诱发癌症。
    Cancer is among the top killer diseases in our society today and scientists have found out that stress helps to bring it on.