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Body Language - 肢体语言,身体语言,肢体语言
body touching language - 体触语
Body Potential Language Difference - 身势语差异
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Bilingual sentences

  • 这位女演员用身体语言来教我做演示时的风格及如何演讲。
    The actress comes in and coaches me in body language, presentation style, and public speaking.
  • 老板可能不仅善于解读身体语言,也同样善于利用身体语言,这也可能是他们当初成为老板的原因之一。
    Bosses can be good at using -- not just reading -- body language, which may be one of the reasons they got to be boss in the first place.
  • 如果你想通过身体语言展示自信的话,那你步子得迈大些。
    If you want to show confidence with body language you want to take large steps.
  • 你可以看着一个人,几分钟内,就能从他/她的身体语言中找到10个理由证明他/她是喜欢你的,也可以轻松找到10个理由说明他/她是不喜欢你的。
    You can look at somebody and find 10 reasons with their body language that say they like you in just a few minutes or you can look at somebody and find 10 reasons to see that they do not like you.
  • 在身体语言中,保持双眼目视前方可能是展示自信的最棘手方式了。
    Keeping your eyes level might be one of the trickiest ways to show confidence in body language.
  • 我教他们触摸、身体语言,以及怎样表达自信,等等。 总之,就是你回到家后的那些事。
    I teach them about touching, body language, how to show confidence…once you get some, that is.
  • 你可以看到他们的身体语言立刻改变了。
    The moment that you would see their body language change.
  • 通过握手、微笑和眼神交流塑造强烈的第一印象。说话时应尽量保持友好的声调、语速慢一些并注意措词和身体语言。
    Make a strong first impression with your handshake, smile, and eye contact. When speaking, try to maintain a friendly tone, speak slowly and watch your vocabulary and body language.
  • 由于无法用身体语言和面部表情来帮助你打断喋喋不休的发言者,要使用某种系统来保证每个人都有发言的机会。
    Without body language and facial expressions to help you interrupt long-winded people, put a system in place for making sure everyone gets a chance to speak.
  • 肢体语言在面试中能起到非常大的作用。
    Body language plays an important part in an interview.
  • 他们可以用户化自定义它们,按照孩子的需要或舒适水平来调整机器人面部表情和身体语言。
    They could customize them, adjusting the facial expressions and body language depending on the needs or comfort level of the child.
  • 即便你的词库已经穷尽了,你还有最后一招,也常常是很有意思的一招———身体语言。
    Even when you have exhausted all your verbal resources, you still have one last and often quite amusing tool -- body language.
  • 心理学家谈及身体语言,外表和着装的重要性,但是他们对我们实际上交谈了些什么却不那么热心。
    Psychologists have talked about the importance of body language, physical appearance and clothing but they've not been so keen on what we actually talk about.
  • 理解和欣赏多种文化之间的差异,通过他们的话语方式和身体语言,把你所听到的和理解的整合起来。
    Understand and appreciate the many cultural differences in conversational styles and body language, and incorporate that understanding in your interpretation of what you're hearing.
  • 你的想法可以通过你的身体语言来表达。 如果你是个自信的人,你会站直身体,昂首挺胸。
    Your thoughts come through in your body language; if you’re confident, you stand tall or lean back.
  • 彭特兰让员工连续六周在脖子上戴着小型电子设备,它们能记录员工的实际位置以及身体语言和声音。
    Pentland had employees wear small electronic badges around their necks for six weeks that tracked their physical location and well as body language and voice.
  • 因为他很擅长使用肢体语言。
    Body language always works perfectly well for him.