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Dictionary explanation
n. 投标人;出价人;命令者
n. (Bidder)人名;(英)比德;(俄)比德尔
Web explanation
successful bidder - 拍卖成交,得标商,中标人
eligible bidder - 合格的投标人,合资格竞投人,符合条件的投标者
potential bidder - 潜在的投标人
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Bilingual sentences

  • 我们将拍卖给出价最高者。
    We'll auction the virus to the highest bidder.
  • 这幅画卖给了出价最高的人。
    The paintings were sold to the highest bidder.
  • 根据投标书,投标人应提供的其他服务。
    Any other services which bidder shall render pursuant to its bid.
  • 投标人应仔细阅读本招标文件中规定的所有条款,包括各项技术规格。
    The bidder shall read carefully all provisions specified in the tender document, including each technical specification.
  • 什么时候能把你们注册为投标者?
    When are you to be registered as bidder?
  • 投标者在投标之后撤销了投标书。
    The bidder withdrew his bid after submission of his bid.
  • 投标人应在投标文件中清楚地确认质量保证期限。
    The bidder shall confirm quality guarantee period clearly in the bidding document.
  • 中标通知书对招标人和中标人具有法律效力。
    The letter of acceptance shall be legally binding on the bid inviting party and the winning bidder.
  • 只有出价最高的人才有特权见到它。
    Only the highest bidder will have that privilege.
  • 在拍卖中,货物或房产要卖给最高的出价者。
    In an auction, goods or property is sold to the highest bidder.
  • 投标人应提供其在检查和测试本项目过程中拟用策略的所有详情。
    Bidder shall provide full details of the strategy it intends to employ in inspecting and testing the work.
  • 你知道谁中标了?
    Do you know which bidder got the contract?
  • 投标人应将产品手册及投标书一同递交。
    Bidder to submit the product brochures along with the bid.
  • 没有招标者的事先同意,不能进行修改和维护。
    The bidder shall not make any repair or maintenance without prior approval of the tenderee;