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be bound to - 必定,一定,肯定
be not bound to - 没有义务做
be bound to V - 必定……,注定,注定会
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Bilingual sentences

  • 受管的对象并不依赖于 JNDI,但暗示它们可以绑定到 JNDI 名称空间并可以在其中查询它们。
    Administered objects are not dependent on JNDI, but it is implicit that they can be bound to and looked up in a JNDI namespace.
  • 在部署过程中,在模块的部署描述符中声明的资源引用将绑定到应用程序服务器配置的数据源。
    The resource reference declared within the module's deployment descriptor will be bound to the application server's configured data source during deployment.
  • 用户界面由若干控件组成,其中一些控件可绑定到数据元素。
    The user interface is composed of multiple controls, with some that can be bound to data elements.
  • 从本质上讲,进程中的所有线程都可以绑定到指定的处理器上运行。
    Essentially, all the threads within the process can be bound to run on the specified processor.
  • 它们全都可以用来从它们各自类型的数据源中检索数据,并且可以绑定到各种数据绑定控件。
    They all can be used to retrieve data from their respective types of data sources and can be bound to various data-bound controls.
  • 尽管这个检查并不真正地关联于任何物理主机,但是需要将它绑定到一台主机。
    Even though the check is not really associated with any physical host, it needs to be bound to a host.
  • 此外,导出可以绑定到 SCA 组件或外部服务,或者由它们进行调用。
    Again, exports can be bound to, or invoked by, SCA components or external services.
  • 在这一天,它将成为对其缔约方有约束力的国际法。 这些缔约方将接受其约束,按照在公约中概述的条款实施烟草控制措施。
    On that date, it will become international binding law for its Contracting Parties, who will be bound to implement tobacco control measures according to the provisions outlined in the WHO FCTC.
  • 一个夸克不能单独存在,必须与其它夸克或反夸克结合在一起。
    A quark cannot exist on its own, but must be bound to other quarks or an antiquark.
  • 为了静态地执行 SQL,首先必须将它绑定到一个数据库包。
    To execute SQL statically, it must first be bound to a database package.
  • 请求者将被绑定到所选的服务端点并随后调用它。
    The requester will be bound to the selected service endpoint and then invoke it.
  • 这意思是说除非有某些大事发生,如地震和海啸,否则你必须履行合同内容而且不能逃避责任。
    That means unless something very big happens, like an earthquake or a tsunami, you will be bound to the contract and can't get out of it.
  • 然后你的健康护理经纪人会依照你的意愿和这份文件来做出医疗决定。
    Then your health care agent will be bound to act according to this document.
  • 事件定义也可以绑定到事件目录,该事件目录用于对事件定义逻辑分组进行定义。
    An event definition can also be bound to an event category that is used to define logical groupings of event definitions.
  • 正如我们前面所讨论的,J2EE 角色终究只是一个名称,是可以绑定到任何一组主体的逻辑构造。
    After all, as we discussed earlier, a J2EE role is merely a name, a logical construct that can be bound to any set of principals.
  • 这个包需要绑定到一个集合 ID。
    This package needs to be bound to a collection ID.
  • 组件上的每一个端口都将被绑定到适当的角色。
    Each of the ports on the component will be bound to the appropriate role.
  • 如果这个检查涉及到调用受信任的网络中的服务器的 SOAP 方法,那么您可以添加需要进行监视的实际服务器,并且在这个示例中,应该将服务绑定到该服务器。
    If the check involves calling SOAP methods from servers inside trusted networks, you can add the actual server to be monitored, and the service should be bound to that server in this case.
  • 可以使用其他格式的数据,并从中创建 RDF 数据,该数据将绑定到 XUL 格式。
    You can use data in other formats and create RDF data from it, which will be bound to XUL elements.
  • 如果你从这里开始数,你最后一定会到达那里的。
    If you started counting, you'd be bound to get to it eventually.
  • 该协议的一个潜在缺点在于,相关建议将不具约束力,各国并不一定得要遵守.
    One potential shortcoming is that countries will not be bound to follow any recommendations that emerge.
  • 无论用户在表单中输入什么数据,都将绑定到模型实例。
    Whatever values the user enters in data in the form will be bound to the model instance.
  • 如果在导入时,在目标系统上不能找到数据源,规则应该被绑定到这个没有绑定的源数据上。
    If a data source is not found on the target system at the time of the import, the rules that should be bound to this data source are unbound.
  • 因为每个组件单独映射,两个偶尔使用相同资源名的组件可能不需要绑定到相同的容器资源。
    Because each component is mapped separately, two components which happen to use the same resource name may not necessarily be bound to the same container resource.