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Dictionary explanation
n. 奖品;判决
vt. 授予;判定
Web explanation
award - 奖励,授予,奖
Peabody Award - 皮博迪奖,皮巴第奖,皮巴迪奖
Webby Award - 威比奖,韦比奖,奥斯卡奖
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赏给, 颁发
奖, 奖品; 奖学金; 奖状; 判决
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Bilingual sentences

  • 如果我们设有最佳丈夫奖的话,他也有充分理由可以赢得。
    And if we had one, he just might win our Best Husband award too.
  • 每年向杰出的化学研究人员发奖是这个学会的惯例。
    It is the custom of this academy to make an annual award for outstanding researchers in chemistry.
  • 他们赢得一个奖品或者他们公司上个季度的效益做的好么?
    Did they win an award or did their company do well last quarter?
  • 哦我的天哪,这个奖真是个死神之吻!
    Oh my God, this award is the kiss of death!
  • 然而,我不想听起来像一个正在接受奖项的好莱坞演员。
    However, I do not want to sound like a Hollywood actor accepting an award.
  • 这项新发明获得最高奖。
    This new invention won the highest award.
  • 但奖项是否仓促了呢?
    But is the award premature?
  • 他羡慕他的朋友获奖。
    He begrudged his friend the award.
  • 我想得那个奖。
    I wanted that award.
  • 该奖项是为了表彰他对 XML 社区做出的诸多成就,没有人对他应得的这个奖项表示怀疑。
    This award was in honor of his many accomplishments for the XML community, and no one was in doubt of his deserving it.
  • 一个得体的争论几乎可以明确的作出来对抗所有这些争论,那就是为什么今年这个奖项如此激烈,特别是在科比和保罗之间。
    A decent argument can almost certainly be made against all of those statements, which is why this award is so close this year, especially between Kobe and Paul.
  • 这就是这个奖项一定要同每一个为公平和尊严奋争的人分享的原因。
    And that's why this award must be shared with everyone who strives for justice and dignity.
  • 他说“我把这个奖项奉献给我的国家,谢谢评审团
    "I dedicate this award to my country," he said.
  • 欣然接受奖项需要一些思考和准备。
    Accepting an award graciously requires some thought and preparation.
  • 我对其中四人怀有深切的情感,我愿与她们共同分享这个特殊的夜晚,以及这个奖项。
    Four of them that I’ve fallen deeply in love with I share this night with and I share this award with.