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Dictionary explanation
n. 亲笔,手稿;亲笔签名
vt. 亲笔签名于…;亲笔书写
Web explanation
autograph - 亲笔签名,自动绘图仪,亲笔
to autograph - 签名
autograph writings - 亲笔文据
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自署于, 亲笔写, 亲笔签名于
亲笔, 亲笔签名, 自署
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Bilingual sentences

  • 如果有人向你索要你写的书的亲笔签名,你应该像第一次给人签名那样保持那种受宠若惊的感觉。
    If someone asks you to autograph a copy of your book, you should feel just as honored as you did the first time it happened.
  • ——“你愿意给我们你的亲笔签名吗?”
    Would you mind giving us your autograph?
  • 哦,看,我想皮驰斯· 盖尔多夫刚从门口走过。快,找她要签名!跑快点!
    Oh look, I think Peaches Geldof just walked past the pub. Quick! Autograph! Run!
  • 这次歌星回来带来了近百张她的新专辑,她很认真地在封面上签了自己的名字,她知道,这些昔日同学如果向她要新专辑,那是不该拒绝的。
    She had brought home nearly a hundred copies of her latest CD bearing her carefully signed autograph. She knew that she should not decline any request for her new CD from these old pals.
  • 我甚至忘了向沃尔特·迪斯尼索要签名。
    I even forgot to ask Walt (Disney) for his autograph.
  • 许多影迷都想渴望得到影星的签名,但有些人更渴望他们自己来画。
    Most movie fans would settle for an autograph, but when it comes to celebrity ink, some people draw their own lines.
  • 例如,她的亲笔签名在过去10年间增值了580%。
    For instance, Diana's autograph has appreciated by 580% over the last 10 years.
  • 我想要他的亲笔签名,但我不敢叫他签。
    A: I want to ask him for his autograph, but I am scared.
  • 有些想让我送他们一张照片,一个签名,或者一本书。
    Some want me to send a picture, or an autograph, or a book.
  • 一大群歌迷正排队等流行歌星的亲笔签名。
    A large crowd of fans are queuing up for the pop star's autograph.
  • 上周的问题是:“你最想要什麽人的签名?为什麽?”
    Recently, the question was: "Whose autograph would you most want to have, and why?
  • 我想要一张亲笔签名。
    I want an autograph.
  • 他们的关系在好莱坞是一个几十年的公开秘密,他们全在到处找她:电影摄制组,摄影师,签名收集者。
    Their relationship had been an open secret in Hollywood for decades and they would all be looking out for her: the film crews, the photographers, the autograph hunters.
  • 她的粉丝正不惜一切代价地要得到她的签名呢。
    Her fans are doing whatever it takes to get her autograph.
  • 他说,当他在海坡因特时把自己的自传送给了每个狱卒、狱友。
    He said that while he was there he gave his autograph to every single staff member and prisoner.
  • 上一次向某人要亲笔签名?
    I asked someone for their autograph?
  • 演讲过后,杰克从人群中迂回挤到演说者跟前,请他亲笔签名。
    After the lecture Jack edged up to the speaker and asked him for his autograph.
  • 我从店员那知道,琼·科林斯经常在这里买东西,但主要是在高级品牌Autograph部买服装。
    Joan Collins, I now have it on good authority from a sales assistant, shops here frequently, but mainly in the upmarket Autograph section.
  • 有些读者甚至要我在他们的T恤上签名。
    Some readers even had me autograph their T shirts.