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v. 联合;与…联系在一起;和…来往
Web explanation
associate with - 交往,使联系,结交
associate with - 把
Associate professor with tenure - 副教授,有终身衔的副传授
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Bilingual sentences

  • 主题栏应该使用让收件人联想到你的品牌、一致的主题。
    Use subject lines that carry a consistent theme that recipients will associate with your brand.
  • 如果你认真对待每一个目标,我可以开列一张清单,围绕那个目标,列出所有能想到的、要做的事情。
    If you’re serious about any goal, I would create a list of all the activities you do that you associate with that goal.
  • 提到简.奥斯汀,你会联想到什么?
    What do you associate with Jane Austen?
  • 这些商业角色在决定与给定的角色进行联合并采用技术之前,必须还要为商业提供一些附加值。
    These business roles must still offer some added value to a business before it decides to associate with a given role and adopt the technology.
  • 和积极的人们交往,保护自己不受所有形式的消极侵害。
    Associate with positive people and protect yourself from all types of negativity.
  • 与什么样的人交往决定了我们的人际关系。
    The people we associate with determine the quality of our relationships.
  • 你希望人们通过你的品牌联想到什么?
    What do you want people to associate with your brand?
  • 我们孕育的这么一个原始生命,它可以长大,复制繁殖和进化,能够展示我们能和生命挂钩的一切性质。“他说。
    "We can conceive of a primitive system that could grow, reproduce and evolve, showing all the properties we associate with the living state," he reports.
  • 在这种时候,万能的叙述者才不负其盛名,这种全能全知让我们联想到了上帝。
    It's moments like these when that omniscient narrator lives up to its name, that sense of omniscience that we might associate with God.
  • 这个用户可以选择选择一个或者更多他们想要集成的行为的记录。
    The user selects one or more records they wish to associate with the activity.
  • 看到那山一样的丘堆,我们就会联想到火山,那是在喷发过程中流出的物质在喷口处堆积硬化后形成的。
    The mountain-like mounds that we associate with volcanoes are what remain after the material spewed during eruptions has collected and hardened around the vent.
  • 座椅的布料会令人联想起那种租来很不讨人喜欢的车子。
    The seats are covered in the kind of cloth many of us associate with the least-desirable cars in the rental fleet.
  • 这些我们都可以和快乐原则联系起来。
    All of this we can associate with the pleasure principle.
  • 所以,这种我们认为与嬉闹欢快的含义相关联的动作,以词源学分析,会从“精神亢奋”一直追溯到表示“跳,蹦”的一个词源上。
    Thus the activity and motion that we might associate with frolicking points right back through the meaning of “high spirits” to a leaping source for the etymology.
  • 你和谁往来会影响你的思想、活动和行为。
    Who you associate with influences your thoughts, actions and behaviour.
  • “谷歌分析”仅仅是你可以与你的帐号关联的众多服务之一。
    Google Analytics is just one service that you can associate with your Google account.
  • 他们中的某些人表现出的性格让我们联想到了恃强凌弱者。
    Some of them also exhibit characteristics that many of us would associate with being a bully.
  • 这种颜色让人不禁联想到新生儿,而且它能给人平静的力量,它还代表着天空与海洋,更神奇的是,它几乎能和任何深色调形成完美的颜色搭配。
    Not only is it a color that we associate with newborn boys, it's also very calming, evokes the ocean and the sky, and pairs nicely with nearly any accent color.