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assessment of writing - 教学评价
large-scale assessment of writing ability - 大型写作能力测评
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Bilingual sentences

  • 写作评价是英语写作教学的重要环节之一。
    Owing to the single form of writing assessment - teacher-centered, students are lack of participating in assessment.
  • 在国外,写作评估中,评分员培训效果的研究已经开展多年,而国内很少有人问津。
    The effect of rater training in writing assessment has been studied abroad for many years, but there have been sketchy studies about the effect of NMET rater training process at home.
  • 为了回答以上问题,作者采用定量研究方法,来说明运用互评方法提高英语写作水平的有效性问题;
    In order to answer the questions mentioned above, the study has adopted some descriptive statistics to identify the effectiveness of improving English writing by means of the alternate assessment.
  • 根据本人在大学英语写作课堂中的研究项目,我的结论是:在大学英语教学中全面认知(持续性)评估是值得推广的。
    According to the research project in my college writing class, my conclusion is that the total acquisition of (continuous) assessment is recommendable in ELT classroom.
  • 写作评价是英语写作教学的重要环节之一。
    Writing assessment is one of the most important parts in the teaching of writing.
  • 本研究以实验的方式探讨和分析了协商性评价对于英语写作产生的影响。
    The purpose of the research is to investigate the impact of negotiation-based assessment on EFL learners' writing development.
  • 今年一月份,她的两个学生在全州写作考试中不及格。
    In January two of her students failed a state writing assessment.
  • 基于以往研究理论与成果,本论文概括了首都师范大学英语教育系电子软件评估与人工评估测试外语写作的相关性研究。
    It amis at a systematic analysis of the correlation in an attempt to provide a consistent and objective writing analysis tool for EFL writing assessment researchers in China.
  • 总之,教师除了用考试成绩来衡量一个学生的水平之外,还应对其在学习过程中的表现为主来评价一个学生。
    From references and figure statistics, the use of process assessment results that process assessment has an active effect on English writing teaching in high schools.
  • 文章认为,宏观指导→微观指导→纠错监控的写作流程是《高级英语写作》形成性考核的核心因素。
    In short, the process of macro-guidance through micro-guidance to error-correction monitoring is the key to the formative assessment of Advanced English Writing.
  • 建设性的格式化评估,反映性写作分配,调解人评估和教员与学生一起学习是其中一部分。
    Constructive formative assessment, reflective writing assignments, assessment of the facilitator and faculty and students learning together were a few of them.
  • 一项基于网络的写作测试的结果显示,不同的测试题目的平均值离散度不一致。
    The result of a web-based writing assessment shows inconsistent dispersion of means across different test topics.
  • 本文旨在弄清是否档案袋评价能够比传统的终结性评价更能促进高中生英语写作能力的发展。
    This study aimed to find out whether portfolio assessment could better facilitate the improvement of senior school students' writing ability than traditional assessment.
  • 分析性写作评价得分范围在0分到6分之间,从经企管理研究生入学考试两篇作文中取平均数。
    Analytical Writing Assessment scores range from 0 to 6 and represent the average of the ratings from the two GMAT essays.
  • 在调查的基础上,本文就英语过程写作教学中评阅方式存在的问题提出建议: 1)完善自评和小组评阅中的评价量表;
    Based on the investigation, this article proposes suggestions on the problems of comments on English process writing teaching: 1) Improve the appraisal list of self - assessment and group assessment;
  • 写测试脚本、实施测试、测试评估等多项内容的正规测试。
    Script writing test, the implementation of test assessment as a number of formal testing.
  • 确保不同写作任务之间的等同性对于保证考试的公平性来说至关重要。
    The issue of task equivalence in writing assessment, therefore, is essential for both L1 and L2 contexts.
  • 英语写作评改是英语过程写作的重要组成部分。
    English writing assessment is an important part of the English process writing.
  • 本课题通过调查一个采用了形成性评价方法的基于网络的写作项目,探究了形成性评价对写作过程及写作成品的影响。
    This thesis, by investigating a web-based EFL writing project that implements formative assessment, explores the effect of formative assessment on participants'writing process and written products.
  • 由定量和口部分组成的总分数区别于分析性写作评价,分值是200分到800分。
    The "Total Score", composed of the quantitative and verbal sections, is exclusive of the analytical writing assessment (AWA), and ranges from 200 to 800.
  • 过滤器扩展功能将帮助提供更完整的输入评估,同时减少重复代码编写工作。
    The filter extension helps provide more complete assessment of input while reducing repetitive code writing efforts.