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As It Happens - 当那发生时,偶然,命中注定
as it happens - 碰巧来到
History as it happens - 正在发生的历史
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碰巧; 偶然
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Bilingual sentences

  • 碰巧的确有人预料到,而且还未雨绸缪:在乔克里弗的临近地区已经设计兴建了取代它的后继。
    As it happens, not only did someone think about it, they designed and built its successors right next door.
  • 正如实验发生的那样,当有颜色的目标逐个呈现时,多巴胺神经元对有信息的反应比对随机的目标的更强。
    As it happens, when colored targets were presented individually, the dopamine neurons responded more strongly to the informative target than the random target.
  • 碰巧我昨天看见了他。
    I saw him yesterday, as it happens.; It so happened that I saw him yesterday.
  • 当它发生时,从生活中找到快乐,并且停止重温过去。
    Find the joy in life now, as it happens, and stop reliving the past.
  • 碰巧的是,你看不到这些景象。
    As it happens, you don’t see any of those things.
  • 碰巧汉字之间也没有空间,不过中文搜索引擎成功地绕过了这个问题。
    As it happens, Chinese characters don't, either, but search engines have gotten around this.
  • 生活有时碰巧会激发你勇往直前。
    Life sometimes buffets you forward, as it happens.
  • 碰巧,从全球范围看,还有其它蚁巢。
    As it happens, in the wider world, there are other ant nests.
  • 躯体的每一个部分都映射到大脑的体觉皮层上的不同区域,并且正如所发生的那样,属于手那部分的区域紧邻脸的区域。
    Each part of the body is represented by a different region of the somatosensory cortex, and, as it happens, the region for the hand is adjacent to the region for the face.
  • 碰巧我是一个喜欢整洁的人,但我希望知道是否有数据证明整洁的办公室就能促进生产效率的提高。
    As it happens, I am fairly tidy, but I wanted to understand if there was any data to show that clean offices lead to higher productivity.