architectural device

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Bilingual sentences

  • 消能减震设计宜根据建筑功能要求、结构变形形式布置消能装置。
    In energy dissipation design of structure, the layout energy dissipation device should be planned according to demand of architectural demand and structural deformation type.
  • 他们说该装置采用了一个数学办法给墙壁和地板添加曲面,这可以用于建筑设计或测试能源消耗。
    They say the device uses a mathematical problem to add surfaces to the walls and floors. This can be used for architectural design or to run tests on energy usage.
  • 项目的建筑设计是由东海富京国际建筑设计有限公司完成的。
    It used to be the dormitory building of Beijing Broadcast Device Factory. The architectural design of the project was undertaken by Beijing Donghaifuguo International Architectural Design Ltd.
  • 从中心式,基于浏览器的网站结构到连接至公共云和私有云多种设备和谐架构。
    Architectural changes from three-tier, browser-based web architecture to multiple device connected public and private cloud orchestration architecture.