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n. [内科] 缺氧症
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anoxia - 缺氧,缺氧症,低氧
cerebral anoxia - 脑缺氧,新生鼠,脑缺氧
altitude anoxia - 高空缺氧,高原缺氧
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Bilingual sentences

  • 本例是凝固性坏死,是缺血坏死(血液供应减少导致组织缺氧)的典型方式。
    This is an example of coagulative necrosis. This is the typical pattern with ischemia and infarction (loss of blood supply and resultant tissue anoxia).
  • 结果迟发性颅内血肿、弥漫性脑肿胀、侧裂区脑挫裂伤、脑组织缺血、缺氧等是重型颅脑损伤术中急性脑膨出的主要原因。
    Results The main cause of acute encephalocele were delayed intracranial hematomas, acute diffuse brain swelling, cerebral contusion and laceration in Sylvain tissue and ischemic anoxia.
  • 牛具有雄壮性猛耐寒冷,抗缺氧,抗疲劳等生理特性。
    The Cattle have the characteristic of sturdiness , anti-anoxia and anti-fatigue.
  • 结论:应用基因芯片技术筛选了与IEC缺血缺氧损伤密切相关的差异表达基因,为阐明这方面的机制提供了新的线索。
    CONCLUSION: cDNA microarray can be used to screen diversified gene expression related to injury under ischemia and anoxia, which brings some new clues for studying the mechanism of IECs injury.
  • 结果:表明缺氧时间的长短、临床分度、CT分度及治疗方法均与预后密切相关。
    Results: It shows anoxia time, clinical graduation, CT graduation, methods of treatment closely correlates with prognosis.
  • 发病时好似流感,有发热、乏力及肌痛,以后发生咳嗽(痰少)、气急。 有时严重缺氧,显著的精神错乱及昏迷。
    It begins as an influenza-like illness with fever, malaise and myalgia and proceeds with cough (little sputum). dyspnoea and sometimes severe anoxia, marked confusion and coma.
  • 目的: 观察大鼠心肌多巴胺受体在缺氧-复氧时的表达,初步探讨其与心肌缺氧-复氧损伤的关系。
    AIM: To investigate the expression of dopamine receptor (DR) in rat cardiac tissue and the relationship with the anoxia-reoxygenation injury (ARI).
  • 方法:(1)采用小鼠断头实验和常压耐缺氧实验,观察LW对脑组织急性缺血缺氧的保护作用;
    Methods (1) The experiments of quick decapitation and anoxia under normal pressure model in mice was used to study the effects of LW on acute cerebral ischemia and anoxia.
  • 背景:幼鼠脑缺氧缺血后,脑组织水肿加重,脑组织中一氧化氮及丙二醛水平增高。
    BACKGROUND:After cerebral tissue ischemia and anoxia in young rats, the cerebral edema gets serious, and the levels of nitric oxide (NO) and malondialdehyde (MDA) decrease.
  • 具有改善血管系统功能,保护脑组织,提高脑细胞的耐缺氧能力并降低血液粘度等功能。
    Help to improve the function of cardiovascular system, protect brain organization, strengthen the anti-anoxia ability of brain cell , and lower blood glutinosity .
  • 在围产期以及产后期,病因包括创伤、缺氧、颅内出血、肿瘤、感染以及持续性癫痫。
    In the perinatal and postnatal periods, causes include trauma, anoxia, intracranial haemorrhage, tumour, infection and prolonged seizures.
  • 结论:主要的高危因素在产前及产时,缺氧性因素是主因,特别是宫内的慢性缺氧,是影响小儿智能发育的主要因素。
    Conclusion:Main high risk factors lie in antepartum and intrapartum. It is anoxia that major cause to affect child's intelligence development, especially chronic hypoxia in uterus.
  • 缺氧事件主要发育于长7时期,属于地区性大型缺氧湖盆形成的缺氧事件。
    Anoxic events mostly developed in Chang 7 oil- bearing and belonged to the local large anoxia lake.
  • 那么她没有缺氧症, 慢性肾衰竭, 或者酸毒症。 也没有瘤子, 因为他的 C。
    She doesn't have anoxia, renal failure or acidosis. It's not a tumor, her CT's clean.
  • 方法:(1)用小鼠断头实验和常压耐缺氧实验,观察XNN对脑组织急性缺血缺氧的保护作用;
    Methods (1) The experiments of quick decapitation and anoxia under normal pressure model in mice was used to study the effect of XNN on acute cerebral ischemia and anoxia.
  • 方法:对实验小鼠进行爬杆、负重游泳、耐高温、耐寒冷、耐缺氧等实验观察。
    Method: The mouse shinning, burden swimming, heat-resistant, cold resistant and tolerating anoxia were detected by experiment.
  • 中药可能通过自分泌或旁分泌增加滋养细胞HB-EGF表达,增强滋养细胞的增殖及侵入和对缺氧的耐受。
    Chinese Herbs may enhance expression of HB-EGF on trophoblast through autocrine and paracrine role, and may enhance proliferation, invasion and tolerance anoxia of trophoblast.
  • 结果:胎儿心率、胎动异常是判定胎儿有无缺氧和缺氧程度的主要指标; 而脐带、羊水异常是造成胎儿宫内窘迫的主要原因。
    Results:The abnormal fetal heart rate and fetal movements are important indexes for determining prenatal anoxia, abnormal umbilical cord and amnion are the main causes of intrauterine fetal distress.
  • 那么她没有缺氧症, 慢性肾衰竭,或者酸毒症。
    So she doesn't have anoxia, chronic renal failure, or acidosis.
  • 目的为进一步证实缺血、缺氧时神经原性NO的神经毒性作用。
    Objective To confirm a neurotoxic role for neuronal NO during ischemia and anoxia.
  • 目的:观察动态脑电图和临床检测指标对缺血缺氧性昏迷病人预后的评估价值。
    Objective:To observe the prognostic value of dynamic electroencephalogram and clinical examination index in anoxia comatose patients.
  • 缺氧和快速埋葬有利于非矿化组织的保存,但不能阻止微生物的破坏作用。
    Anoxia and rapid burial do not prevent information loss through decay, but they do promote the preservation of non- mineralized tissues.