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Dictionary explanation
n. 凹室;壁龛
n. (Alcove)人名;(法)阿尔科夫
Web explanation
alcove - 凹室,壁龛,安置在墙壁内的小阁子
vacuum alcove - 真空室
alcove faucet - 壁龛饮水阀
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凹室, 小亭, 壁橱
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Bilingual sentences

  • 他急忙躲到一个小间里来避开他们。
    He had only time to creep into an alcove to avoid them.
  • 他绝望地离开了数学部。
    He left the alcove in despair.
  • 我已经表明它周围,还从来没告诉人们什么是在楼上的壁龛,他们一直认为自己。
    I have shown it around and have never told people what is in the upstairs alcove, they have always found it themselves.
  • 进门之后向右上方看,你将找到一个壁龛。
    When going through the door, look up and right and you'll see an alcove.
  • 你应该能看到一个有一个奖杯的壁龛。
    You should see an alcove with the trophy.
  • 凹穴放书架够深吗?
    Is the alcove deep enough for bookshelves?
  • 亚瑟走进壁龛,在十字架前跪了下来。他试图静下心来,抱着祈祷和默念的正确态度。
    Arthur went into the alcove and knelt down before the crucifix, trying to compose his mind to the proper attitude for prayer and meditation.
  • 在您的左边会有一个小壁龛过去一走动鸟。
    On your left there will be a small alcove past a bird walking around.
  • 亲爱的孩子们,我召叫你们来到我这岩洞前,是要给你们一个喜乐的讯息。
    Dear children, I have called you here to my alcove to extend upon you glad tidings of joy.
  • 但是她在充足的附近站立到六月可以听到她然后说的凹室。
    But she stood near enough to the alcove that Jun could hear what she said next.
  • 它不仅有宽敞的大厅,巴黎式的楼阁,以及露天观景台。还有柔美的灯光,乡村音乐和西餐小吃。
    It not only have the Attic of Parisian type with the spacious hall, and open-air wait-and-see alcove, but also have bougie light, country music with Western-style food.
  • 火炉两边的凹室里是书架。
    In the alcoves on either side of the fire were bookshelves.
  • 杜库从壁龛的角上看不太清楚另一个机器人。
    Dooku couldn't quite see the other droid around the edge of the alcove.
  • 书架正好放得进壁凹。
    The bookcase fits neatly into the alcove.
  • 舷边甲板下面的一个凹处放了一个小小的洗脸盆。
    Set into an alcove under the side deck is a tiny wash basin.
  • “马格洛大娘,”主教说,“您在壁厢里的床上铺上一条白床单。”
    "Madame magloire," said the bishop," you will put white sheets on the bed in the alcove."