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Bilingual sentences

  • 该国卫生机构已指定一名检查员监测各疗养院的情况。
    The country health agency has dedicated one inspector to monitor conditions in nursing homes.
  • 但是去了收养机构,与那个将抚养她孩子的家庭见面之后,她对于这个决定心里更好受了一点。
    But after going to the adoption agency and meeting the family that would be raising her baby, she became more comfortable with it.
  • 它们吸引着每一个会员国– 因此必须有一个像我们这样的卫生机构。
    They interest every Member State – hence the need for a health agency such as this one.
  • 一名机构发言人说他们不对投诉或调查发表评论。
    An agency spokesman said it did not comment on complaints or investigations.
  • 我认为,对这个机构绝对是一场灾难。
    I see that as a disaster for the agency.
  • 那么这就是做为一个卫生机构我们独特的力量来源。
    This, then, is the unique source of our strength as a health agency.
  • 在每个成熟度阶段,您的机构的测量结果都应该指出其优势和弱点并评估其取得的进步。
    In each maturity stage, your agency's measurements should point out its strengths and weaknesses as well as gauge its improvements.